Feeling pretty amazed at myself right now.

I have broken tradition.

Shame on me.

Ever since I started this blog I don’t think I have ever missed a post on my birthday… till… this year.

Maybe part of it is that I am in denial *mental picture of clinging to a pole while being yanked by the feet.*

Yes my dear friends. I have been officially on this planet for 19 years now outside of my mama’s tummy. 

And that

is very strange.

The craziest thought (and the one that whenever people mention makes me cringe) is that next year… I’ll be… *gulp!* tw… twww… twwweenty….

*Stares at computer for a few moments and takes it all in.*

You know, I’ll be the first to admit, growing up is scary. It’s realization smacking you in the face waking you up to the reality of how short time really is and how important it is to LIVE every second. I will be honest with myself and with all of you that while I do like to think of myself as a happy person who loves life, I feel I haven’t really been LIVING to the maximum as I should.


Well, one word: life.

It’s been so busy, I feel like I wasn’t mentally prepared to what entering the workforce would mean. Picture a juggler with 20 plates in the air on a unicycle. Everything is going well till one of the kids in the audience drops a basket ball into the stage and it smacks right into the unicycle. Thank goodness, he regains his balance, but so focused on regaining his balance the plates fall and crash all around him. He loses the focus and the plates end up in an orchestra version of Humpty Dumpty.

WOW! THAT is such a perfect example of my life! *In awe of my metaphorical skills.*

But it’s the truth. For a while it was all work, drive, dance, rehearse for a modeling show, miscellaneous work here and there, prepare for this, prepare for that.

I was getting burned out.

I barely had time to finish THOSE things, and no time for things that truly mattered.

Thank God for breathers like today. I am stuck home, not being able to go to work because the roads were just too crazy from the snow.

I TRIED… but wasn’t successful at getting to work. Accidents everywhere… it was very ugly!

Okay, so back to my point. I have taken these past few days to really re-asses my priorities, to get my time back into my hands and manage it more wisely. To stop wasting time on silly things and start making time for things I love… like writing. Boiling down to being more organized and self-disciplined.

Well, that’s that for my moment of truth. I would appreciate your prayers on this for me and for the Lord’s continual guidance in my life.

Oh and speaking of living life at the moment: My wonderful friend Stephanie gave me the gift of an audio book for my birthday.
But not just any book.

A life changer.

If you haven’t gotten your hands on it yet, I recommend it greatly! It’s called ONE THOUSAND GIFTS click on this link for Ann’s blog. The story has been very different from how I imagined it would be, and to not spoil anything, i just will say GET IT! GET IT!


My birthday was pretty fantastic, actually I wouldn’t just say birthDAY, since it was more like birthWEEK. It was such a fun time! I enjoyed it so much!
It started Friday when at work people kept wishing me a happy birthday and I had a delicious lemon cake baked just for me–WHAAAT? Of course I shared!….*eyes dart away.*

Then on Saturday *tooot!* the big day I woke up and got ready for interpreting class and as I was doing my breakfast my parent’s sang happy birthday to me. Awww! To my dismay my sisters were being meanies and didn’t wish me happy birthday. Oh, except Sunny, she actually remembered! 🙂

Actually of all my brothers and sisters, only three wished me happy birthday. Tsk, tsk. Naughty! What is facebook for??? hahahah!

Later that afternoon it was rainy and we had plans of going out to eat, but decided to wait till Sunday to be with friends. So instead we went to… THE MOVIES! Always fun!

Then we tried to find this salsa dancing place which with all the lights, rain, traffic and four girls yelling directions in the back seat, ended in a total fail. Hehehe, poor dad! It was funny!… afterwards…

Later that week, my parents gave me the wonderful gift of sending me to a SPA! My very first time, very exciting! IT WAS FABULOUS!!! So relaxing. Best gift ever.

Then the next Saturday (SEE WHAT I MEAN???) I had my birthday party which was a BLAST! It’s so funny seeing American’s reaction to a latin party, it completely blows their minds which is pretty funny. Most of them consider a “Party” eating, playing card games, eating, hanging out, eating… maybe watch a  movie….


HEH! Kidding, I don’t think eating should be in there as many times.

So when we come in with all the noise, the music, the games, the sillies, the great food, the crazy-free fun… it helps them be a little crazy and free too.

The theme of my party this year was HAT CRAZE FIESTA! So basically everybody arrived with a hat of their choice and prizes were given to Craziest, Most Funny, Most original, and Most classy. We all had a bunch of fun!

So that is a little of what I’ve been up to. It was a memorable 19th birthday for sure!

Am I excited about this new year?



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