Not only for Valentine’s day!

To all you single ladies out there, 

I just want to remind you what a special and incredible woman you are! Don’t ever listen to the lies of popular opinion that you are somehow “less” or a loser if you don’t have a boyfriend/husband. Don’t EVER feel ashamed of being single. You are the daughter of the King of Kings and you are his greatest love first and foremost. So stand tall and smile today because you are worth so much more than all the gold in the world! Don’t ever feel you need a guy to “complete” you, because if you are not compete in yourself and in God, no guy will be able to do that for you. He will compliment you, but will never be able to truly “complete” you–only you and God can do that!
I know for sure God has an amazing man in store for you that will love Him even more than he loves you (which believe me, is always a good thing!) 
Take this time being single as a blessing from the Lord to pursue Him in a deeper way and know Jesus fully. “Seek first the kingdom of God and all these other things will be added unto you!” 
You rock ladies! 
Happy Valentines day!! Xoxo


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