*Sees that condemning look of condemnation in your eyes of…(can’t think of any other condemning word.)…*
*Tries to come up with a good excuse for not posting*


Alright so in my defense, who isn’t busy during the last month of the year and the first month of the year. I actually have some VERY good excuses for you guys, but since you probably want to shut me up already I’ll go ahead to the next step: PICTURES!
You heard me right!

*Music of wonder starts playing*

So Windy actually owns pictures?
Yes. I do. I just never post them on my blog because it takes so long and I’m lazy.
Just kidding, that’s not really the reason.

Well. No… it… actually is.

But, I decided I wanted to be extra nice to you guys, it being a new year and all, so here  you go! (Feeling pretty giving at the moment.)


So how about we start with our first snowfall?


WordPress has improved a lot! There goes my excuse, this was actually really fast! haha




There is something magical about the first snowfall! 🙂


Our funny looking snowman! We had to make him lying down because the snow wasn’t packing up for a regular stand-up snowman. 






I love this shot. The sun smiled at me for a precious few seconds through the clouds allowing for this!

My beautiful sister Annie


ImageFunny looking fuzzy things 🙂

Now for Christmas!
It was… different for sure but it was a precious time. And celebrating Christmas eve with my grandpa was so special.


ImageCrazy faces! Crazy sisters. Freaked out grandpa! hahaha

ImageBy the time Christmas came around our tree wasn’t in it’s full glory anymore but it was THE most beautiful tree we ever had. You can’t completely appreciate it here.

And the fragrance!..


I will post soon about my work adventures. It has been a pretty good starting week so far and I love the people I work with.

Definitely blessed!

To be continued then!

See ya!


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One Response to Winter!

  1. Noelle says:

    Wow Windy! Some of these pictures are awesome!
    So beautiful!

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