All things are made new.

It’s amazing how God can completely change your life


and over again.

You think you know Him, then He shows you a greater and even more amazing part of Himself. You think you know how to pray, and you realize you have only been scratching the surface. You think you life is going alright and something happens that flips your world upside down. You think that maybe you’re doing okay on your own. That maybe you don’t need God as much or you simply forget Him a little.
Then it happens.
You crawl back wounded into His arms that were open for you all along; you ask Him to carry you, and he does.
You wonder how you could ever think that on your own it was enough.

If nothing else, life is full of lessons. It’s a constant learning environment–do I thank the Lord for that! Simply realizing that you are made clean every single day–all of yesterday’s anger, hurtful words, mistakes, mess-upps–it leaves you in awe because it’s gone.

And it fills  you with joy, realizing that you always have room for improvement. That you don’t have to let past mistakes, circumstances or tragic events bring you down forever. You can face them and say, “In Jesus name I have become totally and completely clean.” While they are there for our own good–our personal reality checks–because they make us realize how much of a mess we are without Jesus, they don’t have to be an obstacle as long as we bring them to Jesus’ feet, asking Him to put together the broken pieces.
To heal.
To restore.
To make new.


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