Fall… <3

It’s crazy how fast time has gone by! It’s almost the end of the year… AGAIN! like, WHAT!?!?
*starts panicking*

haha Actually, I’m quite excited that winter is coming! It was a great summer but that was enough heat to last me a lifetime! I welcome fall and it’s beautiful colors with open arms! 
There is just something about fall that is so fresh, but then the colors are so warm… I absolutely love it! 
Some bucketlist items for this year is to carve my own pumpkin, go to a pumpkin patch and jump in a pile of leaves! … not sure how I’m going to do that… all the leaves from our tree out front are gone! The poor thing died on us during the dry summer.
A tragedy.

It was a beautiful tree.

Things have been going well! Dance is in full gear now and after the first weeks of brain freeze trying to figure out the new schedule and missing precious hip hop class because I thought it was a certain hour which it wasn’t, meeting new people, starting my own business, getting ready for Cervantino…whew! The list goes on! 

I’ve learned a lot of things this month. On the bad side, I’ve been able to experience what true-hardcore STRESS feels like…. and I abhor it! I NEVER want to feel like that again! I imagine I may from time to time, but I was able to realize that sometimes things like that happen because we expect to much from ourselves. For goodness sake, we’re not supermen! There are limits as to what we can do! (Yes, limits to even my amazing super powers…)
Let me get this straight.
I believe that nothing is impossible if we put our minds to it, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about taking on TOO much at once. Trying to solve 10 problems while balancing another five, or the biggie for me–trying to push things that are out of my control. Because, no matter how hard  you try you will never have the brain and mindset say… the lady selling shoes down the street. You cannot control the mind and hands of a person and make them pick up a phone to call you. You cannot control the disease that may be afflicting a loved one… and the list goes on.
Again, not that you can’t have some kind of influence ON them, but you can’t CONTROL them.
Get where I’m going?
The deal is to not carry burdens that are not even yours to carry! It’s like holding on tightly to a rope afraid  you’ll plummet to your most certain death when you are only 2 inches away from the floor! 
Breathe. Relax. Leave it in God’s hands. It will be ok! 
New motto, if worrying about it won’t change it… why worry? 🙂

Just letting go of what you can’t hold on to is so liberating!

Now on a happier tune, another of the things that I thought about deeply was, “What makes me happy? What are my favorite things in life? What am I thankful for?”
This 100 list came about from those ponderings!

  1. Snow
  2. Cute things
  3. Light colors
  4. Rainbow
  5. Rain
  6. Fresh breeze
  7. Yummy deserts
  9. Strawberry ice-cream
  10. Good books
  11. Funny, romantic movies
  12. Tangled
  13. Old videos of when we were little
  14. Times when you remember all the lyrics to songs you listened to when you were tiny, and haven’t heard in forever.
  15. Fluffy socks
  16. Flowers
  17. Decorating
  18. Singing
  19. Dancing
  20. My guitar
  21. Listening to percussions
  22. Butterflies
  23. Birds
  24. Puppies
  25. Kittens
  26. Cheetah’s
  27. Baby cheetahs
  28. Tiger cubs
  29. All baby cubs
  30. All baby animals (except for insects… and scary ones like bats…)
  31. Drawing
  32. A good picture
  33. A masterpiece
  34. Christmas
  35. Christmas songs
  36. Presents
  37. When my family tells me I did a good job and is proud of me
  38. Running as fast as I can on the beachside
  39. Cute guys *wink, wink*
  40. Stephanie
  41. Sandy
  42. Victoria
  43. Nikki
  44. Actually… I could take forever on this so ALL of my great friends!
  45. Roller-coasters
  46. Plaza
  47. Finding that rare treasure you just have to buy and take home
  48. Taking videos
  49. Pictures on tumblr
  50. Jesus
  51. Listening to inspiring audios
  52. Latin music
  53. That one GREAT song you can’t stop singing… that has become a part of you
  54. Pretty dresses
  55. Pretty hairpieces
  56. Cute hats
  58. Telling an awesome story
  59. Having someone listen to you, giving their full attention
  60. Free hugs
  61. Performing
  62. People you can be crazy with
  63. Crazy moments
  64. Random moments
  65. Scary-funny moments
  66. Doing something goofy, then laughing about it 10 minutes later. (after  you have recovered from the shock, ahem!)
  67. Finding out that guy you think is cute likes you
  68. Airplane rides
  69. Seeing the world from an airplane
  70. Mountains
  71. Pretty rocks and shells
  72. Sand
  73. Walking on sand and how great if feels
  74. Squishy things (except poop!)
  75. Squishy cheeks! *hearts in the air*
  77. Circles (… stop looking at me like that. I really like circles! OK? I don’t know why or what it is about them… I just… like… circles…)
  78. The smell of flowers
  79. Smell of a delicious meal
  80. Pita bread
  81. SPINACH!
  82. Reading letters
  83. Receiving letters in the mail. (Receiving ANYTHING by mail! It’s like Christmas!)
  84. Writing letters
  85. Sending letters
  86. Cute kids
  87. Toddlers
  88. Babies
  89. Baby clothes
  90. Baby SOCKS
  91. Music boxes
  92. Parks
  93. Open fields (I want to run across one so bad!)
  94. Fireworks
  95. Bonfires
  96. Cuddling
  97. Trampolines
  98. Water-balloon fights
  99. Superhero games

100! Fun card games

For all of you waiting for a fantastic, extra-ordinary ending. MUAHAHAHAHAHAH!
Uh, yeah, I love you too.



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