A funny, relevant post.

Even though I didn’t write this, it’s almost like I did, cuz I totally agree with everything Florence says in this post 😉
It was too great not to re-post!
And be enlightened!

Oh yeah, you can follow her and my crazy sister Misty, here


Ramblings of the day – Fb and Rihanna

22 Jun

Facebook –

Today I will say something about facebook! It’s a good site and all but some people spam my wall with things like “like if you love God, keep scrolling if you love the devil.” Come on people, liking a picture doesn’t determine your relationship with God!I don’t want to feel obligated to like a picture because if I don’t I love the devil!! 😡 another example – “for every like this child gets one penny from facebook, don’t be heartless!” Um, no. Doctors don’t go on facebook and check “oh yes this picture has 1 million likes, now I can operate on this child for free!” That’s not how it works people! Okay I think I’m going to change the subject because I’m ranting too much :P

Rihanna –

So some “in” music are just plain dumb. Don’t get me wrong there are some good artists out there but some are just like what? Example –


The picture is small but she’s like “sometimes I just had to stop recording because the lyrics were too deep, they would leave me in tears.” Um seriously?  Wow…….really deep, I’m crying right now *sarcasm*

That’s it for the rambling of the day and I leave you with this!

I’m going outside, so if anyone asks, I am outstanding ;)

okay that was dumb :)



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