Happy Father’s Day Dad!

Goodnight Daddy.
You pull the cover over my shoulders.
A wish goodnight
A prayer of protection
A glass of water
As the moon rises over the streetlights.

Most nights are okay.
We wake up to your singing
Sometimes to a sprayer bottle
Half-asleep we begin our day.

But there are nights when we whimpered
When we ran to the safety of your bed.
“Daddy, I had a bad dream.”
A hug
A prayer
A cuddle
There, between you and mom I was safe.
Nestled in my tower of protection
No bad guys could get me now.

I grew older.
No more running to your bed in fear
Bad dreams don’t send me there now
But you’re still present.

A stomach ache
An illness
A wheeze.
All I have to do is whisper,
And you’re awake.

A prayer
A glass of water
A dose of medicine
Back to my room I go
But there is a healing
As if there was magic in your room.
Then again
Maybe it’s not the room.
Maybe it’s you.

On cold nights
You make sure we’re warm enough
I wake up with an extra blanket
Unconscious of when it got there.

How many things I do not know
How many times I was asleep
Unaware of your acts of care

Waking up in my bed
After falling asleep on the couch.
When delirious with fever
You were there to sooth.
Staying up to watch
Staying up to pray

To me maybe forgotten
Maybe oblivious
Maybe unsure.

To you
Part of raising a child
Part of protecting
Your role as Father.

Once more, the night is over
Through the shades of my window
Light begins to break through
An alarm
A tap on the door
A call to breakfast
Still taking care of me

Good morning, Daddy.


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