I got it!

I know this is super, duper old news… for me. And it dawned on me the other day that I hadn’t shared it with you guys!!!

Well.. *happy wiggle*

I am going to be a speaker for my graduating senior class! YEAH BABY! (For audition story click here)
This means I get to say my super awesome speech in front of hundreds of people who will calculate and asses every single word and move I will make if they don’t fall asleep first!

*Frightened, morbid looks* “You think that as fun” you say?

Well, in my lone strange mind… yes đŸ˜€ *cheezy grin*

Yesterday I went to the graduating rehersal, and what can I say, we’re awesome!
No, seriously.

I mean there is this one girl who has god knows how many gold medals in martial arts (yeah, she can kick but!) and does a bunch of other stuff. All the kids there have prrreee tty impressive portfolios and things to say about themselves, so SHEAH, I’m graduating with geniuses. *smug face*

So yes, that is my important anuncio.

Now just pray I don’t fall when I head down to the mike.

No. Seriously.


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One Response to I got it!

  1. Noelle says:

    Haha, I will!
    You should film your speech and post it. Maybe. =)

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