I don’t know what it is about word… but every time I hear it, it sends little shivers down my spine. Kind of like… magic….
Maybe it’s just Taylor Swift… who knows! 😀
And you know who is fifteen?



THAT’S WHO! *mega sexy wink*

Aww, I have SO many wonderful memories with this gorgeous lady.

One thing that I’ve always thought was so cool about her is how she could be Nikki with whomever. Whether it be older people,  her same age or younger, she has such poise, is fun and not afraid to be herself.
As an older sister she is amazingly responsible and selfless.
Even though like anybody else, I imagine she has her bad days, but overall she’s like a big ball of happy sunshine energy! Contagious.
She’s a person I can be crazy with without feeling like a weirdo or worry of what she will think of me.
I can talk to her about mattress boxstrings and it will be… normal…
OOH! And she loves shoving a camera to people’s faces and recording every single moment with a picture–I’ve found my soul-mate! ahaha
She loves cooking and makes some of the most delicious crepes and pastries you will ever taste.
She’s such a help and support to her parents and her younger siblings.
Even though she’s crazy… veeeery crazy… she’s still responsible and knows when its time to place her feet firmly on the ground.
Sometimes the things she says amaze me and I end up with this face of, “And how old are you?” and then the face of “I’m talking to a sage in a teenager body!” *big bulgy admiring eyes*
*bows down to her*
No, seriously, this girl has a brain!

Jealous that she’s not your cousin?

YEAH! You should be!

Well, Nikki is all those wonderful things and more and today is her birthday… a very special birthday. (Hmmm… well, I mean, all her birthday’s have been special because they’ve brought her to this birthday)
Don’t you just love my wisdom??? *cough!!*

Nikki, these are just A FEEEW of the reasons why I love you, admire you and am so glad to be related to you! hehe
I wish you the very best for you this year and always, I hope your party is a BLAST and that you can continue to be yourself and head on the road Jesus has placed in front of you.

Never loose your Nikki-ness, even with the toughies of life, and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalways remember you have a crazy cousin here for you… whenever you ever need to talk about boxsprings! 😉



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