I’m getting off my lazy-not-blogging butt and doing something special for you guys!

“What is this insanity?” You may ask.

Oh, nothing SUPER crazy. BUT! I shall need your ideas.

After reading a post from a friend I felt SUUUUPER convicted, cuz I just know that finger was pointed my way. (of course there are many of YOU who aren’t posting either! humf! *points finger at you*) No pressure.

Haha! SO! To honor her honor and my honorable honor I want to honorably ask you to send me honorable ideas for a honorable VIDEOOOO POST!
Uh huH! ya heard me right! (Oh, read me right, ahem)
Now you won’t only READ my crazyness, but an extra two senses will be HONORED. (If you’re smart, you will know I’m talking about tasting and smelling of course, pshhh)

So, send me ideas! What do you want the video to be about???

I will do anything!… except that, and… oh yes, that… and the other thing….

So yes people, keeping it PG 13 ok??? lol

This is Windy, signing off.



About Windy

Ha! You want ME to describe myself in a 140 word box??? Think again! Just go to the "About Me" section and find out more!
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2 Responses to ALRIGHT!

  1. Flo says:

    Hehe I know I really have to post well…… could give us a tour of your house, or you could make a funny video…..umm I don’t know lalalla 😀

  2. Noelle says:

    Well, I just “tagged” you for a video, so you can check my blog and see if you want to do that.
    I actually have quite a few ideas that I’m thinking to do and get others to do too. But we’ll see how this first one goes. =)

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