So… Here I am….


Which kind of just failed by typing that in capital letters…

Oh well.

Guys, this is crazy, insane, I can’t believe it, UNA LOCURAAAA!
Like, when did I get so old!!?!?!?

Yeah, yeah, I can already imagine what you’re thinking, “DRAMATICA! DIOS MIO!”

But it’s true! *pondering face*

I mean, I remember when Alyx, then Joan, and several of my cousins turned 18, and I had such a smug and chill attitude about it.
“PSHHH! I’m still like 14/15/16 years old. Gonna be SOOO long till I’m that old! TOTALLY got this under control.”



Ignorance is bliss.

And here I am today, my last day before I officially turn 18 tomorrow around 10 p.m.

No biscuits from dad this time. *SNIIIFFF!*

I’ll have to do them myself, since I’m over at my grandparents house. NOT complaining, I love being with them, and I guess it’s kind of symbolic that I’m an “adult” now and have to do more things on my own. (SHEEAH, trying to be SOOO grownup now haha)

That’s a funny word, isn’t it? Adult.

I think it’s awesome I still have this transition period before I become officially old–> 21!
Gee, I just hope I don’t have to look back on this post when I’m that old TOO soon.

And that was a strange sentence. READ IT AGAIN!… right?

AHH! The birthday wishes are coming in!
I dunno, but that is what I love most about birthdays, all the amazing, funny and witty birthday wishes (OH! No pressure guys! lol! Just mentioning it)
They make me feel so special! So, thanks in advance!
Tomorrow I’m probably going to have this huge goofy grin on my face all day. Even though I don’t particularily like the idea of having to grow up as fast as I am… I do enjoy my birthdays šŸ˜€ So…. yeah, I think my sisters will be sighing in relief at not having to put up with my giddyness all day! lol!

You know what? I think I’m ready!



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