Day 1 (or… day 7 if you may :D)

Well, tumblr was being retarded and acting all strange on me. It stubbornly refused to download the pictures, so… here I am! 🙂
A continuation of my last post.

February Challege.



1. I love candles, especially scented ones. I don’t know what it is about them, but I can’t help but be happy when one is lighted. hehe I’m a sukka like that 😛

2. Comfy blankets. Those special, warm, cuddly moments.

3. Hot chocolate, tea, coffee, warm smiles hmmmm! Moments to enjoy. Also, lets not forget cute scarfs! 😉

Maybe not SUPER important to many of you, but I believe it’s the little things that make life special.

Since I’m a month late, ahem, picture wise, I’m doing the 7th of last month as well.


1. My grandpa gave me this flower a long time ago, it was almost forgotten till today while I was rummaging through my scrapbooks and it fell out of my book. My grandpa, though not a man of many words, only saying things that are worth saying, or an outstanding personality is a man I truly admire. A small grace I cherish.

2. This ring, it means a lot to me, but only because it reminds me of a very special friend, who in turn reminds me of another friend, since they are both practically inseparable. I feel special at deserving this ring (oh, it’s been through a LOT, not your ordinary ring! hehe), another special grace that brings smiles to my faces as I remember who it used to belong to.

3. As strange as it would seem, it was a very unlikely person who got me into playing the guitar, (even though she only knows 4 chords!) Pagina Blanca, that was the first song I learned to play, and my mom was the one that taught me.
I’ll always be thankful 🙂

So there you have it! Pictures of six little things that may go unnoticed or unremembered at times, but they are gifts nonetheless.



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One Response to Day 1 (or… day 7 if you may :D)

  1. Annie says:

    ahhh so proud of me such a good model!!

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