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A really good article! I hope I can acomplish that this year!


The One Resolution You Need to Make in 2012

By Dayna Steele, Fast Company, Dec 13, 2011 As the New Year approaches, many of us are thinking about our resolutions. What will we vow to do this coming year to be better—both at what we do for a living, and as members of the human race?

There’s only one resolution you need to make and keep. Do this one thing and you’ll be good to go for the year: Do what you say you are going to do, otherwise known as accountability. This one resolution can have any number of permutations:

•If you say you are going to call, call.

•Promise to send someone information? Send it.

•Finish a job when you promised—or earlier—with quality work.

•Let people know as soon as you can when you are running late for a meeting or won’t make it at all.

•And, my personal favorite, make good on the promise “Let’s get together sometime.” Make a note on your calendar in the near future to set something up. Or don’t say it at all.

Every goal begins with your own accountability, whether it is business success, losing weight, developing your personal brand—whatever your goals may be this coming year.

Start now. This very second. Have a happy new year!


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