Obvious reason.

Talking about toys in the car, the topic of porcelain dolls came up:

Dad: “You know the dolls I really liked? The porcelain dolls.”
Me: “Yeah, those were ok.”
Mumbles of pro’s and con’s filled the car.
Me: “I vaguely remember playing them in the small white house.”
Sunny: “We played with them in the last house in J. too.”
Me: “Oh. Really?”
Sunny: “…We never played with them that much.”
Me: “Yeah well, the thing is that–well, I mean, they were very pretty and all–but they were… I don’t know, too delicate to play with well…”
Misty: No. It wasn’t that they were too delicate.

“It’s just there never was a Ken.” 



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One Response to Obvious reason.

  1. Misty says:

    ah! now i cant even say anything without u posting it!! humph! oh and i cant believe no one has commented that was great! heheh 😛

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