Since I obviously need to update…!

Well first of all, it’s the birthday of somebody very importanto: Noelle!!!

Nooeeelle! Nooeellee! Noooeeelle! Nooelle!.. Born is the kiiing of iiisriiieeel…

Oh. Wrong song. AHEM!
There we go!

Waaa uuu! 16 years old! I can’t believe it! Very crazy, where has time gone by huh?
DO YOU KNOW HOW OLD THAT MAKES ME FEEL?!?!?! *freak out moment*

*takes a deep breath, ends freak out moment.*

Awww Noelle! And when I read today that you guys are recording a CD, GOSHeRS! So proud of you girl! I know the Lord has like, A BUNCH OF STUFF (cool stuff 😉 ) in store for you yet! Enjoy this year a lot, cuz 16 has a tendency to fly by super fast! Have fun, make memorable memories (eehh ehh? :D) and crazy moments! I love you bunches! (Yeah! Like the cereal! heeeee)
Felicidades a ti!!
The end.

Now, on to other not-as-important-news.
Well, I scrolled back… waaaay back on my blog and deleted several pictures that I didn’t really need anymore and several double ones which has given me…. EXTRA PICTURE SPACE! Oh yeah! So even though I will reach the max capacity… soon… I still have a wee bit more space for cool pics and that makes me happy.

Oh yeah, and today we went to target and I got this comfy warm bandana to keep my ears worm and cozy during winter. (And it will give people the awesome idea that I like, work out a gazzilion times per day!)

And I agree with Misty, even though I like this weather it does have a SUPER tendency to make you sleepy and sometimes a wee bit depressed. I’ve even considered making my school paper research about the suicidal rates during winter compared to summer.
HA! NOT! Major exaggeration there! You thought I was serious for a second there eeeyy???

Though, it is true that depression comes in harder during months when you don’t have that much sun. Your body lacks the essential vitamin D that only the sun can give and that somehow triggers something in the emotion part of your brain making you have a tendency to be more pessimistic than usual.
:O gosh, whata smartie!
hehe though, isn’t that amazing and crazy at the same time!? Oh the sun, the sun!

AND WOW! MERRY CHRISTMAS… what happy thoughts I’m sending your way right now huh? lol

Sorry, it’s just I though that was very interesting.

I’ve been SOOO busy these past few weeks though. Let me show you a bit of my schedule:
School all through the week. Monday, Wednesday (isn’t this the hardest to write out of all the week days? GOSH!) through Friday I have dance classes which include Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Modern and flexibility training. (I’ve been having extra for classes I have missed)
On Saturdays it always varies what we do, but mostly that is our free day.
Thursdays I go to work cleaning a friend’s house.
And now on Sundays we have church in the morning (with all our friends. English service) Then we have church in the afternoon for the new Spanish church. This Sunday will be our 3rd time having it. This last Sunday I was with the kids and overall they were pretty well behaved and had a blast beating these small drums when I asked them if they wanted to help make music for praise time (oh, excuse me, there is a new word for that: WORSHIP) I helped keep them on beat with these two little stick thingys I forgot the name of, and then took them to watch Veggie Tales and talked with them about John 15:5 (LOOK IT UP! 😉 ) haha

Well, my eyelids are starting to feel heavier by the moment and I’m afraid they’ll forget to open all together, so I shall leave you with this exciting assignment.

See ya!


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8 Responses to Since I obviously need to update…!

  1. 2wildwindyheart says:

    Apparentaly it’s a pretty big deal that this is my 435th post cuz I got like a congratulations box and everything asking me if I wanted to share it on FB, Twitter n’ stuff….
    Wut? Wut?

  2. Writer Jobs says:

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  3. Noelle says:

    Thank you for the birthday wishes! 😀
    That’s so cool that you have space for pics.

  4. Noelle says:

    Oh, btw, I was wondering what exactly is Modern dance. Cuz there is this dance that I am learning, and I want to know what kind of dance it is. I looked it up online and some people say it is hip-hop, but some say it is Modern. One person even said Jazz, so I am a little confused. 😀

    • 2wildwindyheart says:

      hmm well, good question. Since I haven’t officially taken modern yet, it’s … a little hard to explain.
      I guess it is a bit like jazz but you do need ballet training for it. It’s a lot of leaps, strength and balance. There are different styles of modern, two very famous ones are Graham and Horton. It’s pretty cool. It’s just… so very different, but at the same time kind of like Jazz. I went to an Alvin Ailey performance, and they are like one of the best and best known modern dancers. You can google them! I think they may even have some video clips, so you get an idea. I’m pretty excited and can hardly wait to be able to be in the level I need to so I can take modern!

      • 2wildwindyheart says:

        I guess I can see where you could get Jazz and Modern mixed up, because they use very similar music and beat, also a lot of the combinations are somewhat related. But really looking into it, they are totally different styles of dancing.

  5. 2wildwindyheart says:

    I wouldn’t say its like hip hop though.. AT ALL! haha

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