Airplane experience!

(Note: I wrote this while I was on the plane which was supposed to have internet… but for some strange reason, something failed, so… Well, it is written in present tense, but take in mind this took place yesterday, so hence the strange writing hehehe enjoy.)

Ahhh! Words cannot describe what I am seeing right now. It is so beautiful absolutely thrilling!
Ok, ok, so before you start wondering what on earth I’m talking about again, I will tell you.
I am flying, and the world has never looked as beautiful.
ALRIGHT so OBVIOUSLY I’m on a plane. Sadly, no magical super powers have appeared overnight for me to fly by myself. Ahem.
Ooooh, I wish you could all experience this! The clouds are my favorite part. Right now we’re on top of them, but going through the clouds as we were departing has been THE BEST. I’m amazed at how I had never really gotten to appreciate the full beauty of God’s creation. Having this view gives me such an amazing and different perspective on the world. *smiles* it really is beautiful and perfect. God definitely outdid himself when he made it!
Oooh! And since it’s fall now, it was also so cool to see all the forest colors from the sky while we were still reasonably close to earth; added to the magic hehe.
There are parts where bellow is just completely covered with a big blanket of poofy, white clouds. Kind of looks like snow. I guess this is what it must look like in the North Pole or Antarctica—just vast whiteness all over! heheheI wish I had brought my sunglasses, it is so bright… but I want to keep looking out my window! GEEEE!
Everything went super smoothly at the airport, thank the Lord!
I very much wanted to share this excitement with you! … Though I would’ve preferred to share the moment *cheesy smile*
Well, that’s one more thing ticked off from my must-do-during-my-life list 
Thank you Jesus!
Oh, my it looks like we’re going to be landing soon! Yaay!
Fasten your seatbelts!

I’m amazed at the transaction in the Dallas airport. It was so… EASY…
Heheh well, I guess I was expecting the worst case scenario, which thankfully didn’t happened. We arrived there on time, (there was a nice businessman sitting next to me in my first flight), and once in the airport I just had to look to my right and there was the big sign pointing to my gate. I was kinda hungry, so after going to the ladies room I checked out this place where they sold Mexican food. However, after realizing I could only get the taco order which were like 5 and that it would cost me… well, a lot, I decided to eat something more simple since I had only a few minutes left till I had to board my connecting flight. I found this nice little place and decided on a blueberry bagel (YUUUUM!) with delicious cream cheese. Ooooh, be jealous, heheh.
Finding my gate was a breeze and only after 5 minutes, I boarded the plane!
This is where I am now, yippee!
It’s clear and sunny in Dallas, Texas, so I was able to see the ground very clearly as we took off. Aaaand I get three seats all to myself! There aren’t a whole lot of people in this plane and even though I think I’d rather talk to someone, next to me, being my myself has it’s advantages. For example: I can take pictures of myself without feeling weird! WAHAAA! Oh, and I was also able to take a video of my ascent into the skies! *smug face*
AHHH! Now, I can hardly wait till I get some yummy Mexican food into my tummy!


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4 Responses to Airplane experience!

  1. Annie says:

    cool!!and no im not jealous cus I dont like blubberys on bread!!…ugh now I really want to go on an airplane and get the window seat!!!OH YEAH!!!……………………..oh oh and check my blog I finally posted *cheers* 🙂

  2. Noelle says:

    Haha, that’s so cool. Have fun at Cervantino!!

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