Excitment fills the air!

Yes, not only will I be traveling,
this will be my first plane ride,
it will be yet another exciting witnessing adventure,
I will get to see my friends (especially looking forward to seeing my girlies Sandy and Steph! EEEE!),
get to see my awesome uncle and his family,
Travel back with my uncle then see my super awesome bro and sister-in-law!
Ahhh, thank you Jesus! You are SO awesome! *huge smile*
Another amazing thing is that the Lord supplied basically all the funds through some really awesome friends, making it possible for me to go! and YIKES! I still can’t believe it’s so soon! Lots of things to be done, I just wanted to share my happiness with you!
Oh, except for this one sad little note: can you believe that I have reached the top amount of pictures I can download in this blog!?!? *cries* Meaning… no more photos here… 😦 😦 😦 That makes me just a little mad at wordpress right now. Oh well, I guess there is always blogspot.
YES PEOPLE! Nothing shall ruin my good mood right now! hehe
So, expect pictures either on facebook or my other blog 😉
Well, I shall start packing! *starts doing the happy dance* I think I may do very well in ballet today! *BEAMS!*
For now, see ya!


About Windy

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3 Responses to Excitment fills the air!

  1. Noelle says:

    Oh, you are going to Cervantino?

  2. Annie says:

    ugh I had just posted a comment but then I had to sign out of ur blog and it erased it ugh…ugh I bet half of the fans u used to have are like probably gone now since u like never post any more so POST MOREEEE…but the only bad part is that the pics are like the best part about the blogs but oh well ptL!!! 😛

  3. Annie says:

    oh and change the background!!!

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