Mouths drop.
The orchestra plays.
Everyone claps.


Whoah, I can practically make out cobwebs in my blog… so dusty and forsaken!

But hey! There is nothing a little elbow grease can’t solve!… or more like… finger grease…



ANYWAY! Like my title says, how about a recent update of my vida?

  • We’re in our new house! OOOOH YEAH BABY! Moved in the 1st of this month, and all the first week we used to organize and unpack. WHEW, glad that’s ova! It’s pretty nice, and just right for us. Nothing super incredibly fancy or big, but… yeah, just right. *smiles* (Not to mention, the owners are the BOMB!)
  • We finally have internet in our new house!!! Yeep, that’s why I’ve also been absent from my errr… technological life. And has proven that I can survive without internet (a.k.a. chatting, hearing my friend’s recent updates, reading emails, etc te raa!). But whoooah, is this internet fast! TYJ! I just hope it stays that way after 3 more computers. hehe
  • Because there wasn’t internet, I was able to use the time I usually use (sheeeah, I’m sucha grammatical genius!) for checking my email, blogs and facebook, to finish some pages on my scrapbook, decorate my room (it looks AWESOME!), and write a song! I shall have to post some pictures despues.
  • I went horseback riding! One more check added to the must-do-while-on-earth list! It was really fun though at the beginning I was seriously freaking out. (modern term for “afraid”)… ugh! See how the modern term sounds so much better? It was kind of funny because to steady myself I would pull back on the reins, and was constantly saying, “Whooah, whoooah…!” not realizing that every time I did that it was being translated into horse language: “STOP!” which made him all the more shaky because of the constant going and stopping.
    I had to find another word to express my emotion. Yikes, did a pretty good job.
    Well, anyway, after getting used to the wobble and realizing that it is not very likely you’ll fall off the horse while it’s walking and bash your head on the cement and land in the E.R., you’re OK! I was even able to manage riding it in a trot! wuuuu so proooouuu!
  • I DROVE! For the first time in months! Sigh, I had missed it.
    I did pretty well I think, and learned to parallel park, back up and all that I had been missing to learn. I even drove through these two cones the width of the suburban with about two inches of space on each side at like 40 miles per hour!–without knocking them over! AHHHH accomplishment! My dad said he was impressed, *smug grin* which is a lot coming from him! So I’m very happy about that, thank you Jesus!
  • MY. MOM. DROVE. Holy crow! I know right? Overall, I think she did pretty good considering it was her first time and that she is the most shaky person when it comes to driving that I have seen. But I’m really proud of her, conquering her fear and doing as well as she did!
  • We went shopping! Looordie, that was fun! (*serious face* no… I’m not trying to sound western… GOSH!) This really sweet lady from our church (which is such a nice fellowship place, the people are super sincere and nice. No holy, holy, cover ups or anything.) took us shoe and clothes shopping! She is from our planet and speaks our language! *nodds head* hahah
    Again, my horrible shoe luck decide to resurface, meaning no shoes for me this time. But I did get some really nice clothes! *wink*
  • IT’S MISTY’S BIRTHDAY TODAY! Sheesh, I know… like WHERE ON EARTH IS TIME FLYING TO! but happy birthday to you crazy sis! Hope you enjoy your new punchbag! (thank goodness she doesn’t need me for that anymore! heeeh) And maybe let me use it! *grin!*
  • I got a cellphone! My very first one! Meee gusta! It is pretty cool with the exception that it… is…
    Heheh, ok, so it isn’t that bad.
    Though one thing I’m not to happy about is that it appears that when someone calls me, they use up my minutes! grrrr… I still need to check, right now it’s just a very probably hypothesis. (YIKES! ahem, as you can see, my science is getting ahold of me…)
  • I get to me the maid in this Christmas presentation my dance school is having! I know, I know a lot of  you are like… “huuuh? Maid… uh huh” Well it was a choice between that and being a lady…I thought the maid would be a little more fun.  And estoy feliz! So, be happy for me ok?
  • I’m absolutely loving dance school! It rocks to the core! Just… keep praying for my knees, they’re still feeling kind of weird. I think it’s because of all the ballet plies ( think that’s how you spell it… hmm.)

OH! which reminds me, I need to go get ready for Ballet!
And after… hip hop! Uuuhh yeah!

This has been my update. Be happy, enjoy life 🙂

See ya!


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3 Responses to Update.

  1. Noelle says:

    Wow, that’s alot of info. 😀
    A late happy birthday to Misty.
    That’s so cool that you got a cell phone.

  2. Annie says:

    ugh windy u didnt post any pics thats what ppl want to see…just so that u know and yah but its fine that u unleast posted after what??10 yrs?? 😀

  3. crazytacoandsusi says:

    haha yeah u posted YAY!! haha windyy u should post pics!! 😀

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