(Ok, so this is a draft I wrote last week, that I never got to posting hehe. That’s why you hadn’t seen it till now. Be patient with me, OK!?)

Well, this weekend was… different.

Well, before I get you all frustrated wondering what amazing thing you missed out in the incredible life of Windy, let me tell you.
Our family was invited to participate in this festival/carnival called St. Cal-li-gun… orrr something like that, heee! The idea was to do face painting and our show to promote our work here in the Kansas area and… well, all I can say is that it was DEFINITELY not what we thought it would be.
For one, they said there would be THOUSANDS of people passing by where we were.
Correction: *vulture cry, zoom out from a lonely spot where we’re sitting with our hands twitching* we were on THE outskirts of the fair and, no. I would not say thousands of people passed by us. *raises eyebrow*

Two, the pastor who let us be in his parking lot said there would be hundreds of people from his and other churches coming to what I think was supposed to be some kind of revival, which meant a lot of opportunities to network.
Correction: even though there were a few pastors we were able to talk to, there weren’t really “hundreds” of people. Probably about 50 MAX showed up. *shrugs* and they were pretty much the same people all three days.
(I will say though, they were REEEEALLY nice people! And the kids were just adorable and lovely! Not to mention, they loved our face painting so! That was definitely good for us! yay)

I don’t know, but it sure seemed the elements were just constantly against us as well.–Or the whole fair I should say. Day one was incredibly hot! I probably drank like 9 water bottles and didn’t even have to go to the bathroom. I know! Figure that one out!…

or not…


Ahem. Day 2 … whoah! Don’t even get me started.
That was… interesting.
As we were driving there, all of a sudden a torrential rain starts pouring down.


We ended up having to stay inside the suburban for a little while, waiting for the storm to pass. (And at the same time watching the poor folks inside the big carp)
People, it wasn’t just raining. It was POURING and add to that the incredible gusts of wind which seemed to be having the time of their life by getting everyone wet not just from the top, but from the sides as well. Definitely making sure you didn’t just get wet… but  drenched to the bone!
Well, after a little while it stopped raining so we were very thankful and excited at the prospect that maybe today we could do more than just forty dollars.
My sisters and I immediately started to set up this little carp we had brought in case it kind of sprinkled again, and get the face painting business up and running!
The kids from the church, bless their souls, wanted to get their face painted again! YAY! So we were a little busy for a few minutes.
Well, while we were setting up and during a particularly low time at the beginning, we (oh, as in my sisters and me) started talking about … uh, I forgot… which led to me asking the question if the girls ever felt bad when they were witnessing and somebody said “no” when asked to receive Jesus into their hearts. Most of the answers were no or not really, just more of an awkward feeling as how to walk out when they’ve told you no.
Well, talking about her experience, Misty explained how she was annoyed how when they said no, it was usually while you were still talking and an interruption, and so in a very Misty way said,
“It’s like ugh! Fine then!

Well I personally was kind of shocked, and so was everybody else… including Misty. She hadn’t quite intended for that to come out SO loud… (as in practically screaming it to the four winds) and adding to the whole wonderfully awkward moment, the pastor JUST happened to walk by. Embarrassed and “I-can’t-believe-you-just-did-that” laughs followed. Ayyy ya yaay. But hey, I’ve got to say, that was probably the shinning moment of the day!
Complete by 10 minutes of continual low laughing.

Well, alas, the “good” weather didn’t last for long and soon we were attempting to stay dry in our carp…WELL! That didn’t really work out so in a goofy attempt at sign language, I was able to make my sister come with some umbrellas so we could pass over to the safety of the huge tent. Thank goodness we did! Just a few moments afterward our little tent was completely obliterated by a humongous blast of wind… what was once our pride and joy now looked quite pitiful. (haha ok! So, cutting the drama… ehem..)
It was time for a hero.
Misty to the rescueee! That poor thing got completely drenched as she tried to get the pieces of the little carp together. I squeaked to Sunny and Annie to go help her (I was busy doing something else! GOSH! Don’t look at me with those eyes!) so taking three umbrellas they marched on to rescue the hero! Well, it turns out, you can’t really get more wet when you’re… well… wet… so Misty just shrugged off the umbrellas and left me biting my fingernails like a worried mama chicken, worrying she would get sick… or something…

Well, the tent was saved and we were inside the nice big tent, but the drama wasn’t over! NOW we had to bring down the puppet theater and our sound system! Our greatest worry was the sound system cuz we all know water vs. sound equipment cannot be good! W
PTL, except for dropping the laptop, and one of the speaker’s cracking, nothing else major happened! (The speaker’s crack is fixable.. no worries! And the computer is good too 😉 )

Day three was SO much better thank the Lord! Even we didn’t do as great as we wanted to, at least we were able to pass out flyers and more people came to get painted (including the cutest girl BFF’s!) Ugh.. that word… so fresa… aaanyway.

Oh! But how could I forget! I didn’t tell you about the really good thing that happened on the rainy day! WE WENT TO A PIZZA BUFFET! ooooh, it was guuud! 😉 and everybody was asking about Annie’s awesome “tatoos” heheh *smug grin* We were able to pass out even more flyers! yay!

Well that was our adventure weekend! … I’m so glad it’s over…!



















































oh and did I forget to say that I luv Annie SOOO MUCHOOOOO!!shes so pretty!!and nice!!!!


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6 Responses to Reciente…!

  1. Flo says:

    haha cool, HAHA NICE ANNIE!

  2. Windy says:

    HAHAHAH! AAAY! Annie, Annie… hacker of bloggers! pssssh!
    It was good though, I didn’t even notice till today!

  3. Misty says:

    haha i was like huh? theres this huge space so im like scrolling down and then i see that 😀 and blasphemer windy! u hacked MY blog! or forgive me flo mine and flos blog hahah 😛
    anyhoo yah they were pretty…. different days 😉

  4. Noelle says:

    Haha! You girls are so weird. 😛
    But I know, I was like, “Uh, is something wrong here? Cuz all I see is a big long white page…..maybe I just went completely color blind.” And then Annie’s message. And I knew it was Annie because she did the same thing to Misty’s skype. *rolls eyes*
    O, btw, Sunny still has one of those “I love Annie” messages on hers. 😀

  5. Annie says:

    because they do love MEEEE!!

  6. Annie says:

    and gosh it was that long I only did the space thingy like 10 times or somethin..:S

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