Just Dance!

da du ru!

Sigh, I like that song! However, I was completely crushed when I heard Lady make me gag Gaga sings it! *pouts* For one she’s a total weirdo and creepy (I mean, a MEAT dress… really? *shudders*) and two… she’s of the Devil! haha (no, seriously, I mean it!)
Ahhh, Lord help her… I really do feel sorry for her.

Well, that was NOT THE POINT! I’m gettin’ sidetracked here!

You could probably say my name = happiness right now and be totally in the correctoo!
As some of you may know, I am taking dancing lessons now! WOHOOO!
Well, not for the first time, but it’s exciting because it’s in a new city and all. (It’s kind of strange sometimes when I expect for the instructions to come in Spanish, it can get kind of confusing! eeeee!) I’m happy I’ll be getting to learn two completely-new-for-me styles of dancing: ballet and contemporary Jazz! Oh yeeeah!
I was also taking Hip Hop 1 which was… for babies! haha ok, so not that bad, but I was really thankful when I got a yes when I asked if I could pass to Hip Hip 2! So, I’ll be starting that this week!
Oh, but I must tell you about my first day of dance school!
*Clears throat*
Well, silly Windy thought her dance class was at 6:00 so she took a nice long shower and then started doing some projects she needed to finish on her computer. A few minutes later Dad mentioned, “Hey, Windy, isn’t your class at FIVE o’clock?”
I gasped, but refused to believe that it … but then again, there was a possibility my class would start at five. I frantically went on the computer to check the schedule and to my absolute horror a big nasty fat five stood in front of my face… it was already 4:45! I jumped of the chair and ran to the room like a crazy chicken without a head.
It was my first day for crying out loud! “This can’t be happening to me!” I thought.
In record time I put on my jazz clothes (black shirt and pants), shoes, and eyeliner. I  dashed out the door with a hairbrush in my hand and quickly hoped into the car. Well, wonderful of wonderfuls: MY HAIR WAS STILL WET! ahhh!
Not wanting to be a human mop in case we did workouts on the floor, I had the brilliant idea of sticking my hair out the window and using the wind as a blow dryer! So there you have me, sticking my head out the window like a thrilled puppy dog, hair blowing all over, and making any outsider wonder if I was on the right planet. I’m a genius aren’t I?
But hey! I’ve got to say in my defense, it worked!
And left my hair looking like a poofy hay stack.

Thank good I took that hairbrush!

And guess what? I MADE IT ON TIME! *victory song* And had a blast! I absolutely love my teacher, Cursty 😉

All that to say, I kind of expected Friday to be less dramatic.
We started out bright and early to this dancewear store so I could get my *shaky, squeaky voice* pink tights and… gulp… purple/blue leotard.
DON’T LAUGH AT ME!… sigh.. *rolls eyes* I can hardly wait till I’m 18 so I can wear a black leotard!

Wait. Did I just say that?? *shocked look!*

Anyway, we made it to the street where the store was supposed to be at, but after circles and circles and looking and looking and NO STORE we had to call mum. WELL, it turns out, we were on such-and-such state line and not such-and-such BLVD which is where we should be. (I mean, who gives TWO different streets the same name! pfff!) So, after driving a little further we found the street, but for all that was in us, we could not find the store! GAH! We probably circled this lot that had about 20 closed stores in a shape like this: I__I about five times! We were about to give up and were ready to go look somewhere else, when I just happened to turn to look at my left and I saw “Dance” written in cursive behind a pole. “STOOP!” I yelled and nearly flew out the dashboard.
As I was getting out of the car it started raining. The door jingled and I was surrounded by tights, leotards, dance shoes, poofy skirts, and all kinds of dancy stuff. A sweet lady came out from the back a few seconds later and we started on my outfit hunting!
Finding the right size of ballet shoes and tights was no trouble at all (thank the Looord!) but then… came the leotard.
The lady looked over at me and asked me what size I was, “small?” she guessed.
“No, medium.”I replied.
She started looking through the *gulp* blue/purple colored leotards but couldn’t find a medium size. A sudden thought came into my mind.

“Oh, you know,” I began, “I have quite a long torso, so you might want to give me a large anyway.”

Well, there wasn’t a large, but there was an extra-large, so feeling like this would work, I headed to the changing room. To my dismay, I couldn’t put the leotard sleeves over my shoulders and straighten up! With a sigh I took it off and presented it to the lady.
“Errr… it… didn’t fit.”

You should’ve seen her face. From the looks of it, you could’ve sworn she saw a ghost.

“Really???” She gasped. “But… but… it’s an extra-large!” (uh huh… thaaanks! that makes me feel much better!)  “Oh, well, never mind. I’ll just call the company and ask them to make one just for you.”

I guess that was supposed to make me feel special.

She measured me and after some info said not to worry and tell my ballet teacher that we had tried to find one my size but that none fit. She emphasised ‘extra large’ again… humf

haha Neeeh, poor lady, she really was the sweetest person!

Well, because of getting lost and not finding the right leotard, it was already very late and almost time for me to start my class, but again, in record time I was able to get ready and was at the dance studio on time! The teacher was shocked too, but extra reassuring that it was ok I wasn’t wearing the leotard. “You just don’t seem like that kind of girl! It looks like you’d be an easy one!” she laughed and looked at me up and down.






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2 Responses to Just Dance!

  1. Flo says:

    haha Windy ur so funny!! haha but Cool glad to see ur having fun haha!!

  2. Noelle says:

    That’s so cool! Dancing rocks!

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