New guitar!

And I’m pretty happy about it! I had missed playing guitar sooo much! And it sounds like an angel!… well… I guess they are new strings… *shrugs*

Oh! And you want to know what color my Black beauty is?

Oh, I already told you.

Heh! Well, I’ve been wanting to have one that color since forever, I don’t know, for me it makes me feel like it’s so much more elegant 😀

Anyway, enough of my excitement, I must go now…

… and annoy my sisters with my wonderful playing *sneaky grin*.
(NO! Seriously, because it’s new I’ll probably be playing it so much they’ll probably get sick of me heheh)
Oh well, off I go! *Oooohhhh sistersss!*


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5 Responses to New guitar!

  1. Stephanie says:

    Great! Thank you Jesus! I’m so happy for you sweetiee. Great that you’ll play nonstop -smug grin- if anyone happens to get annoyed by you (which I doubt!) get away from them and keep playing; if I or Sandy were there we would sing and dance to your playing! I love you! You’ll do so great -gives you many hugs and kisses-

    • 2wildwindyheart says:

      Hahaha aw, Steph, thanks for your encouraging and sweet words… but … I still think my sisters will mostly disagree! lol!
      AND YES! You and Sandy should totally come so we can play togetheeer! 🙂 that would be so fun! I love you too sweety! Take care! xoxoxo

  2. Flo says:


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