To a Friend:

Kevin, I can’t tell you enough just how I really appreciate you. You are an amazing person, someone you feel comfortable with and can count on. You have a smile that can radiate all through and across 1,000 miles…sometimes more! (thank God for modern technology huh?) Well, to avoid all the mushy stuff (HA, yeah right!) I decided I would write 17 things I love about you, cuz well… yeah, that just seems to make sense. Quite logical, yes.

  1. Your smile. Oh yeah, that just HAD to be number one! hehehe No really, I love it! It’s like you see Kevin smile and you’re reminded of the song, “And we’ll have a little heaven right here!” It’s so full of Jesus’ love and it’s just a Kevin trait. You think smile, you think Kevin. 2+2=4 type of thing.
  2. The way you give your full attention to someone. I think that is just such an amazing talent to have! You make each person feel like they’re the most important thing in the world, worthy of your utmost attention. Granted, sometimes it’s a little awing and it makes me forget what I’m talking about, but still, I like the way you make me feel special and loved.
  3. The way you love Jesus with such a passion and fire. It really inspires me to want to become a better person!
  4. How you are willing to try new things, even if there’s a big chance you’ll look silly. SOOO many things I could name right now, the prophecy tent, when you witness, how you really make an effort to learn and speak Spanish, even how you gave it your all in our little salsa lesson with aunty Topacio and Steph. That inspires me Kevin and I know that with that amazing attitude, you’ll go really far for the Lord!
  5. One thing I will always be thankful for with you is when we first met. I was a shy fifteen-year-old moving from a far away city that didn’t know a whole lot of people and this would be the biggest event I’d ever attended. I was feeling shy and out of place till you came in with your beaming smile. It was like a ray of sunlight and a lifesaver. It really meant a lot to me and made me know it was OK, that I was welcome. So yeah, that definitely makes it into the list!
  6. You’re amazing talent for music. When they say that what Kevin touches turns to gold, THEY’RE NOT LYING! It’s true! You have an amazing, God-given talent in that aspect!
  7. What a great friend you are. I’m just so glad I have people like you to count on! To pray with me, laugh with me, cry with me, and inspire me.
  8. The way you make me laugh and smile! You have such a great sense of humor and I love your goofy self! It’s awesome to laugh along with you.
  9. How you really show the Lord’s love when you witness. It’s amazing to watch you do that! Even if the language is hard and you think you may not know it as perfectly as you should (which, TRUST ME! You do a great job!) you simply do it! You reach out to people in a way that they attract to you like bugs to a light! You show so much of Jesus’ love in your smile, talk and attention to them. THAT definitely makes it on the Top-17 list!
  10. How you stay joyful and with a good humor even in negative situations. I really admire you for that! Especially in your accident, it was such a breath of fresh air when, despite all your pain, YOU were worrying about your PANTS (of all things! *rolls eyes*) when the medics started cutting your good jeans. And then later, how even though it’s difficult for you, you manage to see the good of the situation… all I can say is WOW.
  11. Your willingness to help. No matter when, how or where, you’re there!
  12. The way you make people see the good in others. How you praise them when they do something good or awesome and point it out to other people.
  13. How you read.
    Haha, I know, it’s kinda silly, but I REALLY enjoy hearing you read! You make it so interesting… it’s awesome! haha Like, the different voices you use, your hand and facial expressions, kinda has everyone just staring at you. lol!
  14. Your emails. AHHH! I love ’em! (pretty sure Stephy agrees with me too! aheh aheh…!) They’re SO fun! It’s like, “Kevin has sent you an email” and I’m like WEEEEE! hahah (and no, I don’t mind that they break the world record for longest email sometimes) It really brings out a little bit of you on-screen.
    Speaking of which…
  15. How you make my Steph so happy. I know I’ve already told you this, but I thought I should tell you again. THANK  YOU! It’s so awesome to see you both so happy together! Enjoying each other and enjoying Jesus and His love most of all. Definitely something that inspires me and makes me so happy!
    (No, seriously, you should see her! When I was visiting her and Sandy, whenever anybody said the name Kevin Steph’s face would light up and a huge grin would cross her face. Or like this one time she was looking at pictures on the bed and then one of you appeared, she made this “oooh!” sound, smiled and her feet kinda went flying out in the air! hahah) She loves you Kevin, so much. I’m so glad to see you both in love!
  16. The way you see the good and positive about other people, situations and yourself. What can I say, when I grow up I want to be like you!
  17. The way you’re YOU! You’re not afraid to be yourself, to have fun and share love! People are comfortable around you and you make them feel like they can be better, that it’s always better to just be yourself. With you, I don’t have to hide.

I think that’s pretty awesome!

Well, that’s it for the list for now! And this is just a teeny tiny bit of all the great things you are for me and others, Kevin! I wish you the best for this year and always, and I know for sure the Lord will continue to bless your life because you have given so much for him and others! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! TOOOT!


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