Birthday Letter

Dear Little older old.. big... ehh... Start over.
Dear wonderful yellow (... umm, oh!) beige?... no.
Japanese?... uhh... skin colored... DORK!
Oh! Crap! That sounded reeeeally bad!
I was talking about myself heee! The dork part...
yeah, that one.
Start again.

Dear Wonderful Yellow (yep, I guess that'll have to do)
 friend,ย (ahhh! relish the wonder of not having TO
CHANGE ANYTHING!.... ok.. I'm freaking out... ahem)

   I remember the time when I first saw you as if it
was yesterday, but, knowing I've already told you that
 story like a million times I'll just skip that and go
 on to the rest of this letter.
I remember the fun times we had together laughing in
our room, how we probably freaked you out screaming
and pulling our hairs out while arguing, and how you
sat silently and peacefully through the whole ordeal.
I remember how convicted you made me feel every morning
 because I simply couldn't get up as soon as the alarm
 sounded like you did. Through rain, hail, snow and
shine you would get up as soon as the alarm went off
--singing it's annoying wake-up tune,--no matter if
you looked like a zombie and combed your hair half
closed, you would simply... GET UP! It was during those
 times that I wanted to grow up to be like you.
I remember curling your hair then taking pictures of
it, wrapping your long, brown hair around your face
till you made the perfect Noah, making dance choreographies together,
doing the sexy-face for our belly dancing song (do you remember
that one?). I think you were the best at the smolder.
I remember your fake-funny laugh and only hearing what
 I believe is your real laugh just once.
I remember that "gymnastic" act we put up for Joan's
birthday, how Sunny bonked her head in your nose when
you were trying to do the "worm step" (I KNOW! What
kind of retard but me would invent such a name for a
step! :D), how you and me were the "bad guys" in Don
Quixote and how groovy we looked with our fake mustaches.
I remember promising you to finish my book for your
birthday... for three birthdays. And till today I grin
and blush when I remember because, I haven't finished
it yet. Though I promise I will... someday.
I remember your shocked face that day when your dad
went out of the bathroom from taking a shower, and how
you loved and still love to play on your silly DS.
(I know... I shall be crucified for blasphemy against
you and JP.. but hey! Truth be told! haha)
I remember thinking how brave you were to sleep with
Misty and Annie at night, even though I knew you didn't
have much choice. Also, all the fun we had painting
our bunk bed, and the quarreling as to who would sleep
with your big, fluffy blanket.
I remember looking into that beautifully cute face of
yours, and looking at it again, and again in that photo
shoot Joan did of you and thinking how you weren't my
"little yellow friend" anymore.
Sure I guess the "yellow" and "friend" parts still fit,
it's just the "little" that doesn't seem to quite go
with you anymore.
You're fourteen now... wow! I mean, I remember when I
was fourteen and that seems like a long time ago in a
way. But, ahem, this letter is about you and not me,
so continuing.
I'm so proud of you Flo, for all that you've done for
Jesus and others over the years, for getting such
awesome grades at school and being that wonderful
person you are.ย I am super glad that I got to be your
roomie along with three other wild savages and create
all those great memories together.
I just hope that as the years go by we can make many
And hey! Maybe someday, when we're old grannies and
sitting in our rocking chairs together with a billion
grandchildren at our feet, we'll smile and begin our
conversations with, "Do you remember...?"
Happy 14th birthday Fronchaaa! Okay, ok! Florence :)

About Windy

Ha! You want ME to describe myself in a 140 word box??? Think again! Just go to the "About Me" section and find out more!
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2 Responses to Birthday Letter

  1. Flo says:

    Thanks Windy!! That was one LONG letter!! ugh me a dork?!?!?! noooooo!! annndd yes you told me that story a million times hahahah!! u should see me now, waking up at like eight thirty every morning :O!!
    hahaha yeah the worm step!! Joan must have been like….okayyyy?? ๐Ÿ˜› ahahaha remember how we were like “caramel will give us strength to paint wonderfully!!” XD uh huh groovy with those ugly clothes that we wore!! ahahha and remember….CAUSE WERE BIG, AND YOUR SMALL!! we thought it was the coolest thing back then!!! okay ten years from now u can give me the story for my birthday ๐Ÿ˜› ugh BLASPHEMER!!! nahh its pretty much junk now its three years old everything is practically broken, i doubt u can even play on it anymore!! yeah but now we have the 3DS which has an INTERNET BROWSER BTW!!! and 3d pics!! oh and u said in cuerna that the 3d was only inside but it also pops out so its pretty cool!! hahah when we are grannies we will probably have alzheimer’s jk jk (I hope not!!) hehehe thanks Wendy…. okay, Okay!! Windy!! ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. hahaha yeah we probably will…..ugh be mean you read windys and not mine but seing hers then mine makes mine look so short haha.yeah and its all your fault windy for making us do that…and you mised out the part of when we were really into the song of “have you ever seen an angel” and when we did the video of it haha florence when she said “when she turned on the light” and she turns the fan light on ahaha, I think we had the best childhood EVER!!!
    oh and the belly dancing steps that you put windy were sooo corny haha and when we were triying to do Shawn’s step haha…..and also the barbie games tottaly the best barbie games ever…..well Happy B-day flo!!

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