My last post…

Yes. As sad as that is, this will be the last post I will ever write…

on my laptop.

HA! Scared you all for a second there didn’t I! *smug grin*
Well, don’t fear dear readers, I will continue to post (though, maybe not as faithfully as before … 😦 ) just, not in this computer.
Reason: I am selling it.
I’m not sure how I feel about that quite yet. In a way it will be good because I will be able to get something a little more new, but at the same time, I’ve (well, a lot of people have actually helped as well hee!) already downloaded so many amazing programs into this computer that I used to edit pictures, make newsletters and our magazine, as well as other school and miscellaneous projects… aaaand, I’m definitely not really looking forward to starting all over again…

Anyway, ’nuff said that this dear ol’ lappy and I have been through our share of joys and scares together, but I’m looking forward to getting something new and exciting! waha!

So, keep in your prayers that a really nice buyer comes and purchases it at the price I set and that I’ll be able to find a new and good computer soon.

As for now, sayonada!


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