So they continue! 🙂
Well, there is not a whole lot more I can say than those were probably one of the greatest days of my life! It was so fun and I’m glad I got to see everyone again! I love you my amigos!

This pic is of the first night we were there. As you can see, we’re super pro’s at folding tracts! 😉 10,000 tracts to fold! We did em’ all! woot! Cho proud of ourselves heheh

Beautiful Stephanie and Topacio. I fell in love with that woman! She is soooo much fun, a great mom, funny, daring, sweet, caring… I admire you so much tia! Really missing you tons!

The next morning I woke up to the sweet voices of these awesome guys singing praises in the dinning room! It was super inspiring to hear it 🙂 gracias for that boys!
After breakfast and after much discussing, we were finally able to get together and practice the skit we would be performing at the beach side. There were a few probabilities for each one, but in the end this is how the roles turned out to be:

  • Stephanie as the main girl (she did SUCH an amazing job! Put so much feeling to her role and her speech at the end was wonderful!)
  • Kevin as Jesus (what can I say? He’s my favorite Jesus so far!)
  • Keith as seduction (AAAAWESOME job man! 😉 really put your everything into it!)
  • Sunny and the seductress who steals seduction from Stephy. (I was honestly a little bit surprised when she jumped to the plate without even so much as me begging on my knees for her to take the role! She did a super job!)
  • Manu as money, fame, riches (once again this year TE LUCISTE on your job! Oh, also, he was in charge of all the props which he did a really good job at too. There were a few occasions where this or that was misplaced, but really, his spirit of calmness helped me not to stress! GBY Manu!)
  • Mariana and Nikki who were the drunks. (I’ve got to tell you girls, it took all I had in my to not laugh my head off and cry at the same time. Really made the people feel it!… and me as well heee)
  • Next up is Aaron and Sandy who did an AMAZING job as druggies. (Really, I’ve got to say you were my favorites! Put the drug into ggie! haha Made an intense scene which helped build toward Stephy’s breaking point.)
  • Then comes me. So we were discussing this role during breakfast the second day and I as kind of getting stressed because the ones that could have been, were already someone else. All of a sudden, Nikki exclaims, “Hey Windy, why don’t you be it?” Everyone’s heads turned to face me. (It was kind of funny how they all did it at the same time) I started to squirm on my seat, uncomfortable with all the faces that seemed to be lighting up at Nikki’s suggestion. I’ve got to say, out of all the roles I wasn’t really expecting to be this one at all this year, but I’m glad I got to do it! My role was… the model.
    I know right? Kind of weird cuz I’ve never really related that title as me… but hey! I got to try something new and I really enjoyed it! And ahem, if we put it in the light that I was suicide last year… yeeeeah, okay, so this one is more believable! lol!
  • Last but not least was suicide. I had a VERY hard time finding the right person to suit this role. First runner-up was  Phill, which eehhh… didn’t really convince me so I moved up to Sandy who was horrified at my assessment, I guess figuring I found her scary or something… (haha I sound so dramatic :D) I personally, don’t know why, Sandy, but I just thought you’d be a great suicide!… don’t ask me why.
    There were random suggestions again, and several people were mentioned, but I still needed someone who could really BE and play that role perfectly since it is what makes the girl turn back to Jesus in the end. In the end we stayed with Phill and Sandy on tryout to do Suicide.
    Well, the second day (also during breakfast) Sandy came up to me and with a big smile on her face and stood next to her brother.
    “Okay Windy,” she said, “out of all the people here, who do you think has that I-can-be-evil kind of personality and face?”
    Ummm… I was lost, and honestly was about to say, “You?”
    “ALEX!” she squealed and looked at her brother with triumph in her face. (Probably very happy now she didn’t stand a chance  to be suicide… humph!)
    But she was right! He said he would be happy to help out and I am so glad he did! I’ve got to say, we got the perfect guy for suicide and he really put his all into the play. Shivers running down your spine kind of creepy.

Well, that was the official skit team, and through the play we were able to win thousands of people to the Lord! Thank you guys so much!
There were also a few situations where we ran into *cough* technical problems and so other people had to stand up to the plate. Really guys, you deserve all my love for helping me out when people were missing or couldn’t do it. Thanks for stepping in!

  • Nikki and Mary Dear who stepped in as a drunks.
  • Sam who helped out as Seduction and drugs on two separate occasions.
  • Sam and Shelly who also helped out being druggies.

Now, enough of my rambling! PICTURE TIME!

Kevin and Stephanie practicing the intro.

Amazing couple! I think it’s kind of good in a way that you are real lovers, cuz it put a lot more real spark into the act 😉

Hahha and this picture is just too good not to post! I LOVE YA KEITH! hahah

The evil money guy!

Okay, so this was our first try at the “We-evil-guys-want-to-finish-Stephy-off” scene. That’s why half of the people who are supposed to be attacking Stephy are grinning. Ahem.

Uff! But really, GBY Stephy for being willing to go through all the mean pushing and shoving! I just hope we didn’t hurt you too much *apologetic smile*

Pretty Nikki painting the Free Hugs! signs

Welcome to the Semana Santa Beach Fest!

Our wonderful, sweet, and faithful cook! My hats are off to you! Feeding the bunch of us must’ve been hard work!

Practicing the last part of our dance choreography.

You girls did an amazing job! 😉

Devotions with Uncle Chris. It took all I had in me not to cry along with him. (I was translating, so that helped my self-resolve a lot! haha)

Part of our awesome team!

Some of my favorite people in this planet!

Love is the answer!

Free hug crew! 🙂

Hug attack! It was so much fun seeing the people’s reactions and smiles.

At the end of one of our performances, taking pictures with the people who watched us.

WOOO! Changing lives!–one act at a time!

Baile! Baile!

Best skit team ever! I love you guys!

That is one lucky girl! haha


Stephanie and Kevin personally witnessing  to several people at the beach.

David sharing God’s love and the Good News of Salvation!

Sigh… looking at this picture makes me want to hug you all!

Two more favorite people!

With some girls who wanted to take a picture with us after seeing the skit and receiving Jesus into their hearts.

The beautiful couple! I love you guys! So happy you are together!

Gorgeous smiles!

Intro for our dance.

*sings* El amor es como un a magia!… una simple fantasia!

Y va creciendo, y creciendo! Asi es el amooor!

Praying with the people to receive Jesus into their hearts after our dance presentation.

Beautiful and sweet Mariana! You are such an amazing, fun and nice person to be around!

FAVORITE PICTURE! Steph praying with the people to receive Jesus.

Another favorite! I love how Sunny looks in this picture! Rwaaar!

Another trio of wonderful girls!

Me and uncle Chris! I really admire this man! His dedication, fire and willingness to step out of Jesus, even if it’s awkward, are really examples to follow.

Me and the money guy!

Awww! Here comes the smoulder!

And to end, with this ridiculously fun picture of some of my favorite guy friends in the world! You are amazing!


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  1. Alice J. says:

    Maaann you’re torturing me! I Love you guyss! you made such a wonderful job! wish I could have been there to help out… (squeaks) 😀 Love youuu!!

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