Mother’s Day Post

MOM—a simple three letter word, quite innocent looking at a first glance, however within those three small letters lies a great and complex meaning. For many, and for me as well, mother means friend, companion, safe harbor, angel, someone you go to when you’re hurt, and your number-one fan.
A great day, an A on your test, a song you wrote, a dance you finished, a project complete, simply doesn’t seem to have much worth until it’s showed to mom. She is the person you loved first, and the one who has loved you the longest.
My mother has been great example in leading a good life and is the person who showed me how wonderful Jesus is and how great it is to have him at my side. Holding my little hands, she was the one who lead me to Christ, and all the wonderful joys Christianity brings to one’s life. My mother has given so much to God, to the service of mankind, and to our family—my dad, sisters and me—no doubt my life would not be the same without her.
On this very special day we celebrate a great gift that was given to us, and to whom we were given. We celebrate that special someone who has always and will always be there for us, thick or thin.
Happy Mother’s Day!


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One Response to Mother’s Day Post

  1. chriscedar says:

    This is well written Windy :):) and sweeet! It sounds like you’re writing about my mom! :D:) Inspiring!

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