Playa adventures, part 1!

Yes people, you may now officially smile, scream, clap, jump up and down
…turn around, touch the ground, and praise the Looooord!

Ahem. Continuing.

I have finally decided to start writing today about my super fun and inspiring trip to Tampico, Mexico! (yes, I know… you’re so proud of me! eee! *smiles*)

Well, unlike our last bus trip, we actually arrived with plenty of time to spare at the bus station after running around like chickens without a head in our house; trying to pack everything as quickly as possible without forgetting stuff. (Yo, FYI, having a checklist is REAAALLY handy in situations like these 😉 ) I’ll have to say though, I was really amazed at my sister who managed to pack everything in one morning after being told that exact day that she would be accompanying us to the trip. My hat is off to that brave young lass.
And we didn’t forget anything! I KNOW!… milagro!

After waiting a bit for our bus to arrive, we finally sat down on what would be our seat for the next few hours till we had to change buses in Mexico City. By this time I had been going on and on about how cool bus trips were and telling my sister of all the great movies they put and the little snacks that they gave, especially on this particular chain of buses. (SHESH! I mean, they should’ve totally hired me for a commercial or something…)

Gulp. Okay, so no snacks this time, but hey! We still have the good movie right?

… right?

I started squirming in my seat as soon as I saw a bunch of animals appearing on the screen. Oh! Don’t tell me it’s a DOCUMENTARY!… I thought.
Oh, good, it was just the producers. (thinking about it, that should have tipped me of right then and there) It turns out, it WAS a documentary. Sigh!
I mean, not even with the excuse of it being a cool or interesting documentary! It was about the Galapagos islands, birds, turtles and…well, turtles.

I wanted to sink my head in my hands! I took a quick peek at Sunny’s disappointed face and offered her an apologetic look. To make matters a little worse, the bus driver wasn’t really all that great either. With quick jerks and tugs at the wheel, speeding at curves and simply being a bad driver, he got me probably looking like a green tomato in no time!

Not to mention there was this kinda smelly man in front of me, totally engulfed in some sort of cologne to try to hide the smell. WHOOSH! I was dying for an open window the whole trip.

Well, enough of my “adventures” at that particular bus. Ahem.

I could not believe how big Mexico City’s bus station was! I mean, incredible! So I was quite surprised when we found my uncle, and his daughter who would be accompanying us, without any sort of trouble at all.
We had a good time at the station waiting for our bus to arrive. During the 15 minutes that we were there probably about some 20 people approached the stuffed animal vending machine we were standing by, trying their luck with a five peso coin. Sad to say, not one was able to retrieve a stuffy from that sneaky machine which simply gobbled up their money.

That day was the 18, which meant the next day would be the 19th–my mom’s birthday! I had this super amazing idea of getting all the bus passengers to sing my mom “Las Mañanitas” (mexican Happy Birthday song) in the morning. What I wasn’t prepared for was the driver stepping on the gas pedal for the last two hours, making us arrive like half an hour early 😦 Sob, sob. So my super, glorious plan went “poof” as my mom woke me up at about 7:10 in the morning saying, “Windy, I think we arrived!”

For the next few minutes I probably looked like a tall asian person with my squinted eyes from being half asleep; trying to look just a wee bit presentable… just in case Sandy and Steph were already at the station.

hee hee

The bad news is, they weren’t. Their bus got like an hour behind because of *cough* technical issues. The good news is, I was able to go to the ladies restroom, wash my face, wake up, and make myself presentable! Ho ho!

Pretty soon Uncle Chris (who was the person in charge of organizing the whole event! GBY UNCLE!) came to pick us up and take us to what would be our fun home for the next few days 🙂 !

After a lot of hugs, hello’s and some talking, Phil, Sam and I went to Kevin and Keith’s tent to wake those two lazy bums up! (haha no, actually, they were in their full rights to be sleepy after their super long trip. I LOVE YOU GUYS!) We kind of tried to wake them up singing, “Good morning God’s Children”, I say kind of because the singing was sorta’ cut off by our laughter and still sleepy minds that couldn’t remember what the next lyrics were. Our plan still worked though and out came amazingly buff but sleepy Kevin, and a few moments later cool Keith popped out of the tent.

After talking for a bit we got another great idea! So we all quickly got ready to go to the bus station and receive Sandy, Steph and Topacio hug style!

It was so fun! After a lot of hugs, kisses and screaming, we quickly hopped into the van before the cars behind us started beeping at us for blocking traffic.
MAAN! It was a great trip back home! I was so happy to see the faces of those two girls I love so much! :*

The day went on pretty smoothly: breakfast, some devotions, skit preparations, time together, fun, laughter, singing happy birthday to my mom… it was a great day!

Now, for some PICTURAAAS!

And well, this shall end part one of my adventures because I need to get ready for a show we are going to have today!

To be continued…


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4 Responses to Playa adventures, part 1!

  1. Flo says:

    wow, sunny packed in one morning?!?! impossible for me!! 😀
    haha how embarrasing telling how cool and awesome that bus was and it being so lame!! poor u!! hehe jk jk!! you totally should have tried and gotten a stuffed animal then showed it off to all the ppl who didnt get it :p

    • Shelly says:

      i can pack in one morning if i have to. heck, i can pack in one hour! granted not very nicely, but still.

  2. Alice J. says:

    Weeeeeeeeeeeee!! You guysss!! thta looks like a ton of fun! Aawww Kevin and Stephyy!! ;;) I”m so glad you guys had fun!!

  3. Meg says:


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