April. Fool’s. Day.

It was going to be the very first time I would actually do something for April Fool’s day and I wanted to give it my best. I’ll have to say, my worrying and wondering of what my pranks could be for several nights were needless. It turns out, I got my two great ideas on the first of April aaand….My pranks, they all WORKED! OH yeeeeah!

#1: I was planning on posting via the web that I had a new boyfriend, but then decided against the idea since I didn’t really think it would be that cool or great of a prank. I sat down in front of the computer thinking, my brain doing a little clickety click sounds as it whirled into action.
All of a sudden, I had it!
Alright, so absolutely nobody was going to believe I was pg… buut… everybody could believe my MOM was! I started typing on my facebook wall post with a sly grin of inspiration on my face.

Oh my gosh! Yay! Yay! Yay!
My mom is going to have a baby!
I hope it’s a girl!

I clicked on the little blue button, and waited for the comments to arrive

Now, for my master plan number two.

My mom and dad were in the room together… PERFECT.
I innocently sat down in front of my mom and with a shy voice told her, “…umm… mom. I have to tell you something really important.”

She looked up at me at once. Good! I had her attention.

“Well…” and I started  a long story about this guy and how he asked me to be his girlfriend and how I… said yes.

She just nodded, trying to stay all calm, though I could see in her eyes that she wasn’t really all excited about me being with this particular guy. My dad, who was walking around in and out of the room suddenly exclaimed, “Yeah right…” and told me how he just wasn’t “boyfriend” cut.

“But dad, I said yes.” I shrugged my shoulders.

He just stared at me and walked toward the other room. It took all I had in me to not burst out laughing right there and then.
There was silence for a while and then my mom asked me a few other questions, still in her extremely calm manner (which, if I hadn’t been joking, would have really freaked me out.)

I saw that my dad was walking back toward the room and took the shot.

“Mom, dad, there is this other really important part of the whole thing that I need to tell you of…” I mumbled in a really guilty voice. I could almost hear their hearts stop.

“HAPPY APRIL FOOL’S DAY!” I exclaimed jumping up from my chair.

My dad sort of chucked in relief and my mom just stared at me with, “I can’t believe you did that” face. She looked relieved though…. hahaha

Now. Back to the facebook message.

It was great! Only very few people didn’t believe it at all, and another person thought it was true at the beginning, but later realized what day it was. (All the “bad” comments I deleted so that other people could still enjoy the prank.)

On the night of April first, I finally brought everybody back into the light and we all had a good laugh about it! (later thinking about it, I probably shouldn’t have told my mom about the prank.  I can just imagine her face as she received all these congratulation messages!)

And that, was my successful April Fool’s Day. It was great fun!


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2 Responses to April. Fool’s. Day.

  1. Susan says:

    AHAHAHAHAHA Windy you’re brilliant!!! I usually never play pranks on April Fool’s, but this year both my sister and I pranked my bf and it was waaaaaaaaaayyyy too fun!!! 😛 😀

  2. Annie says:

    haha yeah I cant believe they believed it lol it was soooo good I was going to play a prank on someone but I jsut couln’t think of one it was sooo anoying but then it was fine

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