Made famous by “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” and also known as BS.
Guess what people??? I’m actually GOOD at! :O
Surprising, considering I’m usually EXTREMELY bad at any sort of card games. I played it for the first time the other day with Imman and the girls, well… with the girls first. The thing is, Imman had to go do something and asked me to take his place (since I wasn’t playing). I gingerly took his place, crossing my fingers, desperately hoping not to make him lose. (ho ho, SO dramatic :D)

GUESS WHAT!??! I was THIRD PLACE! THIRD PLACE PEOPLE! …out of three people…

KIDDING! Actually, out of five 😀

Okay, so I was getting into the grove here! Next game, I won! Wohooo!
It was a major accomplishment!

Hey!… for me.


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One Response to Bluff…

  1. Annie says:

    haha you werent that good you never bs me haha beat that actually they only blufed me like twise haha SUCKERS and we all blufed misty lol poor her she got like touns of cards haha well we all got revenge on her

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