Remember these?

We live in a time and era where things always seem to zoom by and change in a blink of an eye. What was the “in” thing one year is suddenly “so ten years ago!” the next. With modern technology advancing so quickly, most gadgets will usually last 1-2 years on the “awesomeness” pedestal before being knocked down by something newer, faster, cooler, smaller, flatter, shinier and usually… more expensive.

Next are a few items that were so “in” during their time but that kids today would stare at for a few seconds then turn right around and ask you, “What is this?”

  1. Cassettes

    Who of you remembers these funny looking flat boxes that looked like they had little eyes and sometimes a mouth that looked something like this–> o_o? Those little things disaster could lurk from, especially if you had an inquisitive little 2-year-old with fingers that just so happened to fit perfectly into the little slit cassettes had at the bottom and pull out its long, thin and delicate tape-like plastic. If it was torn, you were one of the lucky ones, (unless of course it had your favorite album). If it wasn’t, you were sentenced to minutes on end of twisting–attempting to gently get all that tape back inside the cassette without severely damaging it.
  2. Walkmans

    Back when I was a kid–which wasn’t very long ago mind you–to have one of these was the equal to having a touch-screen apple i-pod with batteries today. Ooooh you were so cool if you had one of those and considered it among your most prized possessions. And if you had one that besides just playing music could record! Man, you felt like one of the luckiest kid alive!
    Of course, that was before they invented little machines that were half the size of a walkman, can hold more than 1,000 songs without the necessity of cassettes, come in different styles and colors, take seconds to change from one song to the next instead of having to wait for it to rewind or fast-forward, record, play movies, and even show the picture of the singer! Talk about a mind blower in those days!
  3. Old Phones.

    Whaaaat??? You mean that in order to call somebody before you had to turn this little knob a million times to dial the number and had to stay in one room the whole duration of the conversation because the headset had a chord connecting it to the stationary phone!? OMG… you couldn’t call anybody if you weren’t in the house!?*faint*
    Yep. That’s exactly what I mean.

  4. Video Recorders and Film Cameras

    Yeah right! Tell somebody in 1995 that you had a camera that could take both pictures and video without the need of film and you would have a sign placed on your forehead saying, “overly delusional and demented”.

  5. Video Cassette
    Remember those Saturday nights when you would ask, “Hey, dad! Could we go rent a video?” instead of, “Hey, dude! Could we go rent a DVD?”
    I do.
    I remember looking through the different titles and finally choosing one of those rectangular boxes to watch and the care you had to take to make sure the video player’s “heads” were clean so that the machine didn’t eat up the video’s thin tape inside, and then open the top part to blow on the tape to clean it if the video started acting funny.
    Oh, those little boxes that could last you for ages without getting “scratched” and would have to rewind on another machine after you finished watching the movie. Yep. That’s right. You had to rewind them if you ever wanted to see the movie again. “GOD! That is so retarded!” a kid from 2008 would probably exclaim while rolling his eyes.
  6. Tv Antennas

And this picture is of a more recent antenna! I remember those thin, long metal tubes that you could stretch then put back together into a size that equaled about 1/6 of its extended length. Those things called antennas that you used to need if you ever wanted to watch a program on TV, and would have to move around to get the signal.

And last but not least here is #7 and the one who inspired this post when I happened to stumble across it the day before yesterday: CD Players

You certainly remember these, right?


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