17… not “again” but for the first time!

Ay… time passes by fast. I am proof of that.
But at least they’ve been good years with lots accomplished, new friends made and yes… some regrets as well; but all of that is part of life and what has molded me into the person I am today. So yes, I am thankful!

Sixteen went by fast… I really wish some old janitor would appear to me so I can be “16 again!” lol. Well, they pictures are worth 1,000 words, so here is a little of what I did for my birthday….

One of the last pictures I took of 16, SNIFFAAA (yes… that’s melancholy in my… err… typing.)


At the table eating some delicious Mexican food that my g-ma made! (Oh yeah, and in case you’re wondering about those super-awesome-colorful-balloons, I’ll tell you LATER! MUAHAH!)

With a friend.


Okay, here’s the later I was talking to you about. The guy on the right (my left) is a friend of my grandparents and he’s the one who made the balloon decorations.
Oh, the guy on my right is another good friend of ours.

With Vickyyy!

My first birthday in 13 years with my wonderful grandparents!

And for more shots of the party, here is the gallery! (click on the photo to make it bigger πŸ˜‰ )

What can I say? The party was a total blast and they all loved the games we showed them πŸ˜‰ Goodbye 16!Β  Hello 17!

My very first picture as an official 17 year-old with my brother, my sister-in-law, and my dad.

So, for my birthday my bro and sis-in-law, Amy, took us to this awesome gym place to start the year on the right foot… literally heeeh.

The little boy on the left is my handsome nephew!

With Amy!

The place was MASSIVE and Amy gave us a private tour of the it! haha
Sadly, mountain climbing and the pool were closed that day, but we were able to go with her and my bro to this really good yoga class I thought was pretty fun. After the class we went to pick up Kenny, (their oldest son), from school then headed off to eat at… where else? WENDY’S!!! My very first time to eat there and… it was pretty good! I chose this strawberry shake and a really good hamburger so this lady’s tummy was full and happy haha.
(I don’t have the pictures of that though, because my bro took it with his camera… sorry!). After eating and talking about crazy dreams, we went back home and started watching the movie of 127 Hours. Not much later, my sister Beauty arrived, so we stopped the movie and went off to her apartment!
There we met her friend/roommate who was super sweet and made this awesomely-delicious cake for me. It was pretty special as all my sisters got together to sing “happy birthday” for me. We haven’t in a LOOONG time. At least, not all 5 of us. (Aaaaand I apologize for those pictures as well. This time we DID take the camera… but… guess what? NO BATTERY!!! Yep. Epic fail… tsk, tsk, tsk.)

Well, we watched a movie and played wii till the wee hours of the night (ho ho!) and settled in her comfy bed to snooze for a few hours.
The next morning…

Annie: “Wake the girls up, Mogli!” So, she proceeds to throw Beauty’s adorable little furry pooch on the bed. Woken up by wiggles and wet kisses could be fun other days… and, I guess it was fine for this day to with the exception that I was SOOO tired.

“Ay Annie! Que haces?” I muttered sleepily.


Everyone was all groggy but we tried our bestΒ  to look all cool as we woke up.

Aaaaand guess what? We find out we’re going to walk-run by the lake! FUN! Okay, so all sleepiness gone we bustled around the room trying to find appropriate exercise clothes and shoes for all of us since we only took another pair of clothes, and as for me, only a pair of sandals.
Thank goodness that at least Beauty’s friend had a pair that ALMOST fit. They were a teeny bit tight, but it worked out all right.

We had a fun, exhausting time at the lake and got so see around a little bit of Austin. Let me tell ya, I was pretty surprised at all the people who were at the park… of all shapes and sizes! It was amazing how into exercise they are.

Okay, moving on.

Well, there is not much more left to say than:

  • We went back to the apartment to pick up Misty who had stayed home because she was feeling sick.
  • Went to this library-sorta-place so Beauty could study for her test. We got some books and read for a while. (I started reading this one called Beastly. MAAAN! I should’ve gotten it! It was very interesting… and now I want to watch the movie too! lol)
  • Went back to the apartment again. Watched a movie and washed the dishes from the night before.
  • Went to my bro’s house and played Apples on Apples. I won second place!!! SWEEET!
  • Headed to bed. Next day would be trip back home… sigh…

NOW! For the picturas!

The kids, Ahem! Alright, GROWN UP kids… gosh! playing on the X box.

Apples on Apples!!! YEAH BABY!

And last but not least, my dear sister Beauty. (isn’t she a beauty?? *grin*)

Well, as you can see, I had a busy birthday. I feel quite happy that I was able to start it off with exercise; quite promising! Thank you all my dear friends who made it special with your wishes and to my family who made it an awesome and not scary 17th birthday.

*Deep breath* Here I go.


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3 Responses to 17… not “again” but for the first time!

  1. Flo says:

    Oh wow, haha the longest post in the history of the planet!! =P hehe seems like you had an awesome time!! Just think, one more year and your gonna be……………….OLD!! πŸ˜› nahh jk!! ayy saves que bromeooo~~!!! XD

  2. Misty says:

    haha its true!! in one year your gonna be a freaky, old, grouchy, bossy, etc, etc, adult!!! … ayy saves que bromeo!! XD! heheh
    that was all fun fun! … im talking about the pics not you windy πŸ˜€

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