My birthday party…



Have I mentioned, it was AWESOME!?!?!

Well, it was! ho ho!

Pictures will be coming soon! OH YEAH!

OOOOH! And I simply must tell you about the two cute guys I saw at the buffet today. One was a eater, like me, the other a waiter. Thing in common: TOTALLY CUTE!

The first guy actually addressed me as I went to serve myself some good chicken. He said, “Oh, I’m sorry.” and moved out of my way.

HEY! A girl can dream alright? tshhh

Oh! But, I had an excuse to look into his gorgeous blue eyes……siiiiiigh!
And the waiter! OOOH! Don’t let me get started on the waiter. He was super handsome, that’s all I’ll let you know! laaa laaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Okay, so those two lads made my day a little happier 😀 and make me sound like a demented guy freak…

gee… maybe I am…

OKAY! Pretend you didn’t read that 😛

I’ll stop my ramblings now. Enjoy cute guys! *wink*


About Windy

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3 Responses to My birthday party…

  1. Susan says:

    ❤ this post!! 'A demented guy freak'?? Hee hee, no wonder we get along. 😉 Thank God for eye candy!!

  2. Misty says:

    hahaha he WAS sooo cuute!! i didnt see the other guy but still the waitor was enough 😛 heheh
    and yeah you ARE a demented guy freak 😀

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