Ta ta ta taaaa! All rejoice! I have finally been able to download some pictures for my blog! *jumps up and down smiling but suddenly gets serious* WHY aren’t you jumping with me? *serious correction face*

Okay, much better.

Well now, I shall tell you exciting stories of these past few weeks up till recent, starting at Raymond’s house!

Holy smokey it was FREEZING! And adding to the fact that the house is pretty big and pretty unfurnished, it was a quite simple 1+1=2 equation–> IT WAS FREEZING!
We had a good time there though, and it was great to see their familiar and dear-to-my-heart faces and eat their super yummy pizza-taco-thingys (like chimichangas I guess??).

Here are the girls, playing a fun board game inside our cozy room. (The only warm place in the house beside Raymond and Esther’s room).   

All was well and, well, normal, when all of a sudden…disaster struck! THE GAS SUPPLY FINISHED!! EEEEEEK! Meaning: no cozy warm room. GAH!

Brave Misty braved the cold winds and stood in line bravely with Raymond to get more gas for the heaters; proving her bravery to the world. (Wait. Have I told you yet she’s BRAVE?) I would’ve been shaking like a dry leaf on a windy autumn day.

*Sniff, sniff* It was time then to say goodbye to our dear little yellow friend with who we enjoyed two months of funness, randomness and greatness! We’ll miss ya Flo! 

Ahaha You’ve got to agree with me that this is one of the greatest pictures!

Smoochies! … her smooch is bigger than mine… HUMF!

Haha good to see you too Uncle J!


Florence and her dear Snowy (maaan is does that dog know the cutest tricks!)

First try at a shot with Natalie and Elena…. hmmm….

“Look, Elena, you need to smile with your teeth. Yeah, like this.”

Toothy smileee! It worked! Awww, I felt so proud of myself! hoho

Crazy lovableness!

Aunty Saraaaah!

Soon, it was time to leave dear El Paso (which had some sort of conspiracy against us with not letting us see it’s snow, humph!), and head northward! Wooot!
In the evening of the first day and all the second day of our trip the wind was blowing hard and cold, sending us into shivering spasms whenever we stopped to go to the bathroom at a rest area.
Oh! Speaking of which…
We quickly ran inside this one rest area bathroom in particular, out of the cold wind, jumping up and down like squawking chickens to try to get warm. Oh, no, wait! Chickens don’t jump… I mean, like… like… squawking …. erm… tiggers?
Ahem. So you get the picture.
ANYWAY, I finished washing and blow-drying my hands  (which turned out to be waaay to cold, so I ended up just drying them with toilet paper) and was headed to the door when, HOLY COW! A HUGE blond boy entered into the bathroom. I screeched to a halt and stared at him with my mouth hanging open. Okay, so he looked like around 12 or 13, but that’s still old enough to know where the MEN’S bathroom is, and not have to be accompanied by your mother to the restroom. I thought about mentioning something, but I figured it didn’t matter anyway since there really wasn’t anything to see, so I clamped my mouth shut… and just in time too. As “he” kept on walking to the bathroom stalls and I kept on gawking, I noticed that this “boy” was wearing earings.

Girls earings.

My ears felt hot and I thanked the good God above for not letting me make what would have been THE most embarrassing mistake in my life and saved that girl a WHOLE lot of embarrassment.
But what did she think? That people wouldn’t jump to conclusions? She had her hair cropped boy-short and was wearing a blue jacket for heaven’s sake!

Ahem, so I got away from the bathroom as quickly as I could. (for some strange reason I felt guilty… I KNOW!) Weird.

BIG mistake. It was freezing outside and the bone-piercing wind didn’t help at all not to mention, WE DIDN’T HAVE THE CAR KEYS and my dad seemed to still be inside the bathroom. GREAT.

I didn’t really feel like going back inside into the woman’s bathroom to wait out, but thankfully there was a little space they had made before entering the restroom which was covered by a wall and blocked the chilling air quite nicely so my mom, my sisters and I stayed there to wait .
FINALLY my dad came out and we ran to the car (ahem, “WE” as in my sisters and me :D) into the nice warm heat it provided and the security of not bumping into the girl and her mom again.

OKAY! So, enough of that story.

The next day, bright and pretty, we were welcomed by this comforting sign that assured us we only had a few hours left of our trip and that it wouldn’t be long now till it ended, WHEW!

Ahem, so pretend you can’t see my shade which totally ruins the picture. 😀 Inside we had a Mc Donalds breakfast which was pretty good! (I mean, as “good” as healthy Mc Donalds goes…*cough*) But hey, at least it tasted pretty delicious after a whole day of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

The snow was so deep! “It was so fluffy I could die!!!” It just simply deserved a picture of its stomp-and-squish-me-ness.

Well, after a few more hours we finally made it! WOOT! My grandma was waiting all smiles for us even though we were a little earlier than expected. Once she fattened us up with some DELICIOUS food, we bundled up and headed to the front porch to make… A SNOWMAN! Yes! Muahaha, be jealous! 😛



Hee hee, this little guy turned out to make history and the funniest snowman ever to be created! (but hey! considering the snow was all old and wouldn’t stick and that we had to use buckets to pile it up… I say we did pretty good! heh heh) Also, we had the glorious help of one a dear little 11-year-old neighbor who was pretty pro at the stuff !

Haha, Love my grandmaaaa!


A pretty pine-cone thingy Sunny took a picture of I thought was (to be a little British) absolutely brilliant!


A fun photo shoot Sunny kindly provided 🙂 I love ya girl! You’re getting pro!

And a little country taste to it!


And for now, The End! To be continued 😀

Windy is happy and content! Oh yes she is! On the 26th they are going to make her a birthday party! JOOOY!

And you’d all better not forget my birthday. March 9th if you must know. *grin*


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5 Responses to Adventures!

  1. Misty says:

    haha and yup the thing about me in the cold she is not exagerating one bit! i thoguth that when i took my shoes off my feet would come out black a nd purple from the cold :s but they were ok at the end 🙂 hehe
    haha elena looks so funny in the pic of her and annie
    oh yeah that blonde girl that looked like a guy was pretty weird… i thought she was a boy too until i saw the earings adn a little bit of her boobs cus she like barely had any either… 😀

  2. jonesfamily77 says:

    hahaha poor blondie!!

  3. jonesfamily77 says:


  4. Nala says:

    hehe…sounds like fun, I do’nt miss the snow one bit (after being in the Philippines 2 years) you look super pretty, and u look like hermione (from Harry Potter) in the 3rd and 4th to the bottom pix 😀
    luv u..:*

  5. Susan says:

    Windy, you’re beauuuuutiful!!! 🙂

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