*Tries to pull off smooth attitude* Hey folks, looking good! Oh! Is that a new shirt? My, do I LOVE what you did with your hair! … No way! I want your shoes!…

No. I wasn’t trying to make you forget my absence from this blog….that’s…ridiculus!

*Guilty face* alright, alright, you got me.
Yes, I know. My blog has probably started to grow a few cobwebs sitting in a dark forgotten corner somewhere.
The great news is that it’s never to late to get out a broom, rag and dustpan– Snowhite style! Oh yeah! And to make up for not writing for … some time, I will write TWO blog posts today! Now, is that pro, or is that PRO! …


I stayed a few days with a very dear friend of mine (sorry people, I forgot the camera so no pictures 😦 ) and then an afternoon at Florence’s house. She will be missed.
Her house is lovely, super cute and cozy.

Saying goodbye in Raymond’s house. 🙂


AEEEE! The internet is horrible! I can’t believe it… Sorry people, but no more pictures for now. I’ll have to post them later…perdon…

Our trip went very smoothly, TTL! We got so see some very pretty scenery and the last part of the trip was mouth droping (NO…I don’t sleep with my mouth open. Get those ideas out of your head right now!). Everything was all pretty covered in a blanket of white! Something I hadn’t seen in a while. Me and Sunny went crazy snapping fotos and trying to be all professional and stuff, hee hee 🙂

Here are a few of our masterpieces! WALA!

Sunlight through the iced window.

Niieehhhghhh…. (ahem, NOT the horse sound. This is like “ugh” okay?) I can’t download any pictures because of the BAD INTERNET connection. PFFFT!

Well, I will tell you this. We’ve been having an awesome time and since this post was going to be mainly because of the pictures, well, I’m going to have to end this here.

I’ll start again sometime 🙂


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