Boy it’s FREEZING!
Not that I’m complaining, I really do love the cold–having to get all bundled up and stuff :P–and it sure took long enough! It’s good for a change, just… sometimes it can be a little inconvenient like having to was (ugh) wash my hands and face with freezing water (and numbing me in the process), water pipes freezing up and not having water in the kitchen, ort the problem of mu fingers stghs nunmbing uop making tping very difficult in the process, /? < > ! AHHH! where’s the period mark!

There we go!

Oh, exxcuse nme.

Sheesh! Who ever thought typing could be so… hard!

Hehe awww talk about cute and cozy. I’m sitting here on a nice couch watching  a cute two-year old dance to the rhythm of “Everybody Walk the Dinosaur” coming from the credits Ince ARH! ICE Age #3.

Oh, and yes. Pictures are definitely going to be guaranteed. It snowed two days before we arrived, and we may just get lucky 🙂 besides, if not here, with my gramps it will most probably snow! Weeee!
Misty’s freaking out though. If there is anything she doesn’t like is cold…and…snow… FEAK! (…okay so that just ruined the effect…)

Ahem, let me refrase that: FREAK!
 I know, whata’ weirdo hoho.

Well jut AHEM, just a small post to keep you updated and kndow … okay! (…this is becoming VERY annoying!) *KNOW* that I am still alive and kicking,  toughing out this cold. *wink*

Lots of frozen kisses to you!


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2 Responses to Cold…

  1. Susan says:

    Psst, Windy, it’s ‘Everybody WALK the dinosaur’ 😛 (Yes, I know it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense)
    Frozen kisses, yay!! I’ll melt them into puddles over here. 🙂

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