Yep. That’s what was coming! haha

Well, I hope your day has gone(or was)  as great as mine!

Busy, busy! Packing, cleaning, fixing, sorting–enough to give one a headache, but… it’s fun! It makes me feel a little sad though, knowing Flo won’t be with us anymore, but for the time we had her I am thankful 😀 Also, I’m not exactly looking forward to sitting on my but for 12+ hours till it’s as flat as a pancake. Yet, it will be fun since some friends are coming with us too! It will be squishy, but fun! 😉

Also, I can hardly wait for the COOOOLD! Man, have I missed it! I really do hope it snows when we go visit my grandparents! And if it does, pictures are guaranteed! So keep your fingers crossed and pray it does! 😉 Si?

UGH! UGH! UGH! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! My hair was already pretty long (I was growing it out for my b-day) and yesterday we went to the hairstylist to get it “trimmed” and remake my layers, and whattaya know! My hair is almost cropped up to my shoulders…gosh! *mutters under her breath*

Sigh… but, anyway, it looks okay. So, it’s not like it’s the end of the world or anything drastic like that… IT’S ONLY MY HAIR FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE!

Okay, breeeath.

Alright, freak mode over.

Hokay people! I reeeeally need to run! Some stuff I need to finish!
See ya….in … like….

till we get there.



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  1. Alice J. says:

    Hahha I beat you to it :P:P
    Oh HEY! Pancakes re awesomeee!… and not flat.. they’re fluffy 😛 … pshhh tortillas are flat 😛 hehhehe Man, I hope I really do that it snooowwwsss!! weeeeee have tons of fun and hey… man I should talk to you like soon!!! okei? I have a plan!

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