You know, sometimes I just think they should put my family in some sort of comedy TV show… I mean the things they do sometimes…oh boy! They would loooove us! 😛

Tale One:

It was 2008 (I’m almost sure…) and my sisters and I were painting and fixing the floor on my Aunt’s house in El Paso; all you can hear is the silent swishing of the paintbrushes and the rustle of the leaves every now and then.
Suddenly the silence is broken.


I jumped almost a foot in the air when I hear Misty yell. We all turned around to face her, shocked expressions on our faces that said, “WHAT THE?!?….”

She looks back at us with the same shocked expression, as if she couldn’t believe what she’d just done. I saw a little black smushed thing on her hand. We all started laughing.

“You… KARATE CHOPPED… A BUG!?!?!?” Tears were rolling down our cheeks now.

“Well, I …. I wasn’t … I didn’t mean to scream like that… it surprised me…” Misty stammered, laughing embarrassed.

Tale Two:
Date: October of last year. Place: Kitchen, Porch and yard.
We’d just finished a fun, loud lunch. I scraped my plate and headed toward the sink, with Annie following close behind. I turned around my head for a second after putting my dish down and Annie reaches over and with an “AHA!” and start’s washing her cup.
I turn around, fire sparks flying out of my eyes. (hehe, okay, maybe not that bad…)

“WHAT are you doing?”

“Washing my cup.” Annie answers with a goofy, teasing, I-am-innocent smile kids do when they know they’ve done something wrong…GOSH!

“I was here first Annie, you meanie!” I bumped her on the shoulder and we laughed; I finished washing my dishes.

As I was rinsing my fork a wonderful idea went through my head. I looked at Annie and smiled; as quick as I could I after putting my fork in the dish-holder  I tuned around and splashed Annie with a few drops of water that were left in my hands.
Now it was my turn to have the goofy, teasing smile as I wiped my hands dry. Annie just calmly finished washing her plate (which I thought was quite suspicious). I was about to believe she would just let it go this once when suddenly, she turned her head toward me, her eyes narrowed and a smile tempted to form as she plunged her hands into the water.

I knew this was it.

I sped out of the kitchen as fast as I could, praying I would reach the girl’s room in time. Annie was now following very close behind my and I was screaming at myself inside my head–my plan had gone horribly wrong. I sped, flip-flopping across the porch, wondering if I should just dump my heavy, sorta broken sandals.
“No, it will make her catch up with me faster, I need every second I can spare!” I concluded.

It’s crazy how many things can go through your mind in just a few seconds. I had clomped through most of the porch by now, Annie in hot pursuit. “Oh Lord! help the door to be open!!!” I cried as I was like two seconds from the room….

I needed a plan B. The door looked closed and I knew I WOULD NOT make it on time to the safety of the room unless it was open. I quickly turned left to go down the steps into the yard, I took a quick peek to my right… just in time to see that the door was indeed, OPEN! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

“Freaks!” Sunny thought as she was doing her chores and saw us squealing and clomping through the porch like scared chickens. (UGH! Okay, FINE as she saw ME squealing and clomping…)

I didn’t make it very far on the grass.
My sandal got stuck and broke, sending me sprawling toward the ground. I turned around just in time to see Annie’s shocked face and her body falling towards me in slow motion. With Kung Fu-ninga speed I flipped around on to my back extending my arms and legs in front of my body–in the process looking like our old pet dog, Burbuja, when she was corrected.
I was able to catch Annie and soften her landing somewhat before we both lay on the grass in shock.

“What on earth?…” Sunny wondered again. She had taken her eyes off from us only for a second and now instead of two girls resembling the song of “Who Let the Dogs Out.” all she sees are these two weirdos laughing their heads off lying in the grass.
She shrugs and chuckles off; thinking like Scar from The Lion King, “Estoy rodeado de tontos…”

Tale Three:

Date: Day before Yesterday. Place: My sister’s room.
Hanging out in the room, laughing and talking about random stuff, we suddenly find ourselves talking about the subject of love at first sight. (Started by our comments on Tangled).

“But I mean, how can they know?” Misty retorted, “I mean, no one has really been able to explain the feeling. So how could someone know they’re IN LOVE.” she rolls her eyes.

“It’s a warm and tingly feeling.” Sunny says in a King-Julian-of-Madagascar-voice while doing funny motions with her hands. We laugh.

“Love is when you can’t imagine living your life without that person you love.” someone pipped in.

“You can know you really love someone when you are in a situation where it’s either your life or theirs and you say, ‘No, please! Kill me, not him (her)'” I say, with Florence backing me up, exclaiming those were her thoughts exactly.

Misty just huffs and rolls her eyes again. “Hhyeah!” she snorts, “But I could be in that situation with Florence and I can say, ‘NO! No! Don’t kill her! Kill me!’ and then when they try to kill me, I just beat them up. But that doesn’t mean I love her.” all the while explaining this in a matter-of-fact voice.

We all just sort of stare at her stunned for a while. Then laughs and exclamations of “WHAAAT?” start popping up all over the room.

I couldn’t stop laughing. My stomach even started hurting.

“Gosh WHAAAT!?” Misty asked, “Why are you laughing?”

“Because!..” It took me a while to get my voice back from laughing, “Misty, that was SO RANDOM! Of all the things to say, I would have NEVER thought you would say that!” and the laughter started again.

And that, my friends, deserved to be blogged about.



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4 Responses to L.O.L.

  1. Alice J. says:

    Hhahahah YOu guys… are… hilarious!!!

  2. Misty says:

    Wiiinddyyyy! i told you not to post it!!! ugh! *sticks out tongue at you!!*
    wtv but for the record me saying that about flo was NOT random i mean its true! and i could SO beat them up i mean i go to kung fu!! 😛
    and the karate chop thiggy… well… lets just say i didnt mean to do it…. 😀

  3. Susan says:

    Aww Windy!! Loved these stories, so funny! And I actually googled a translation of “Estoy rodeado de tontos…” 😀

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