New years!

Well, this year it was a little different, not quite such a party-awesome day. More of a slow-watch-a-movie-give-hugs day :), but it was still nice.

Here are some pictures we took of the very last day of 2010

Whoooo! (Okay, so I look really gross, but everybody else looks super awesome so it just had to come up :D)

Such good-looking folks ain’t we? haha *smug grin*

My wasom family!

And now, for pictures of the very first day of 2011!

A really awesome manger scene.

I fell in love with this tree. Isn’t it just super neat? (This is in front of a Cathedral by the way) OH! I MUST tell you! aha! Okay, so we were walking in the gardens of the church and there was this couple lying on the grass…-right behind the tree actually- really making out! We just all looked at each other with amused-shocked faces wondering what the nuns would do if they saw them… GO GET A ROOM!

Another really awesome manger scene in the Zocalo.

FLOOOO! 🙂 I’m so glad you’re here with us!


After a while walking around the Zocalo and taking pictures my dad saw this monument (the one the dove is sitting on) with some pretty awesome rocks at the bottom.

He looked at me and with a really excited expression on his face, “Hey Windy! Lie there on the rocks!”

Blank face, “Say, Wut?”

“Yeah, lie down on the rocks so  that I can take a really cool picture of you.”

I look at the pokey rocks and grimace. I think I want to live.

“eeeeh, Dad, I don’t think I can. They’re really uneven and POKEY!”

“Of course you can! If you do it carefully.”

I roll my eyes. Right. “Umm, how about a picture with the rocks, but standing up!

That had him. And here are of few shots of what followed.

Muahaha! The rocks have given me POWAAA!

“I KNEW IT!… She ate my banana!”
(eeeh, okay so this is a quick fix for my Mission-Impossible-picture-wannabe)

Aahaha! I hold ze vorld in my hands!

Oooh! I can see Larry!

Daydreaming… WITH LARRY! 😛

New years sparkles. Officially the coolest picture.

Don’t be fooled. This picture actually has an even deeper meaning that what just meets the eye! It’s the number 1 knocking down the #0 of 2010 into 2011!

The five squad. So PROOO! 😉 Love us, really!



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3 Responses to New years!

  1. Misty says:

    hey! i dont look good! i know! in the last pic im the coolest!! 😛 heh…
    soo whats up ppl!! comment already! geesh! dont you want to see me?? i look great!!! ha… ha.. ok im ganna go now..

  2. Misty says:

    sign you up? are you telling me or windy cus if your telling me i dunno what your talking about sry…. 🙂

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