First post of 2011…

Wow! We’re here guys! Can you believe it?

…I’m still working on it 😀

For this, my very first post of 2011 I thought I should do/write something special…but…I’m not sure exactly WHAT to write or do 😀 😀 😀

So I guess I’ll go with what comes as I type.

I think out of all the years of 2000  this last one has been the most intense. So many things happened around the world–many of them very sad and tragic things–but through the darkness I believe that the Lord’s light shone brighter than ever, and I am very grateful for that!

For me personally 2010 was an amazing year! As I said before, I was able to accomplish a lot of things, fulfill many of my dreams, begin new projects,  see old friends and meet new ones! Of course, I also had my drama moments (very typical for a girl like me :D)like the anxiety of turning 16, the possibility of not going to Tampico or Cervantino, my computer being “out of service” for a while… leaving me wondering if it would ever work again and if all my work on it would be eternally lost (it didn’t, thank the Lord!), weird emotional mood swings, problems, and things like that which make life… well, life!

There is so much more to be accomplished this year and honestly, I’m pretty excited about it! I just know that this year will be amazing, and that with the Lord’s help, nothing will be impossible for me…or YOU for that matter!

I think I’ve done it. Even though it was hard I think I’ve finally been able to say goodbye to 2010. What’s left now is to turn around and face this new road that’s ahead of us–embrace it, give it all we’ve got–with a smile. Happy new year! Congratulations everyone!

This is the first day of the rest of your life! 🙂


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One Response to First post of 2011…

  1. Stephanie says:

    Thank you Windy, I loved what you said in the last part! The part where you say you’ve finally been able to say goodbye to 2010 -I think that’s very important and I wanna make sure I’m starting afresh, free from the past and embracing the future, but not without of course cherishing the amazing and lovely miracles and memories that happened last year. I LOVE you! Congratulations toO! And oh exciting! The first day of the rest of my life ;)! I love you love, I’m Soo HAPPY to know you, and having you in my life is a beautiful gift. I was looking at a picture from Cervantino and SNIFF! You look beautiful and I miss you and love you a lot! I’m praying we can see each other soon -dingly, dingly- and I’m also hugging you through my prayers!
    You’re wonderful 🙂

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