Gah… not off to a good start. As I was signing into WordPress I put wordpress.com as my ID and my yahoo password for my wordpress account password! … spaaaaacy… whooo…

Sniff. Today was our last dancing class for this year (everyone… lloren conmigo por favor!). I sure am going to miss them! Aaaand to make things even better, today I felt really lazy, sad and frustrated during class (one major reason is that I simply was NOT able to do a pasé turn, no matter how hard I tried!) grrrr. So that made me get frustruated, and the worse part about it, is that somehow it seems my tear ducts are connected to that emotion and every time I feel frustrated with myself, yep, you got it, I feel like crying…

Weird I know.

So, count on that crying feeling to get you down any day. Sigh. Adding to my woes, heheh, on the last review of the song we were learning I completely blanked out–forgetting the steps! My mom’s later like, “QUE PASO!?” …. I really don’t know! weird things happened to me today 😀

But thank the Lord for his love and the ability He’s given us to rise over our problems, difficulties and sad feelings. Praise rocks! I’m so thankful I can count on that gift, it sure is a heart-lifter-uper heheh 🙂

I wish I could tell you in words just how much I love you all my dear and wonderful friends, give you a great big, squishy hug and a big tamale! oh hoho! (I dunno why a tamale… it just popped into my head. You can have tortillas if you like :D)

Oh yes, and please, please pray for my school. Geometry is getting harder, so pray I can “remain calm” and find the exit door of the subject coming out with flying colors! Gracias!

EEEEE! Just two more days before Christmas! Excitement in the air, oh yeah! I wonder what my person will give me heheh. Tomorrow we have our last two Christmas shows before the 25th. It’s going to be at a mall, so pray it goes well, that people are nice and will give donations as well as buy all of our Christmas CD’s!

And now, a photo of someone very special who I’m missing a lot right now:

Well, that’s all for ahora. Hopefully tomorrow I can post some pictures of our posada n’ exciting stuff like that 😉
For now, it’s a SEE YA!


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