Peepers: “Sooo Exciting!” Ayyy people! Can you believe Christmas is now only THREE DAYS away!?!?!… I dunno about you but I personally think that’s pretty freaky.

Ahehehe, okay, bad choice of wording 😀

I mean, it’s awesome because, well duh!, it’s going to be CHRISTMAS DAY! Tararaaaa! But also, it’s scary because it just shows you how fast time is going by… ahhhckkk!

Guys, I really need prayer against time-going-by-fast phobia and growing-another-year-older-gitis hehehe 😀

EEEE! Look at the time: 12:45… grrr…it’s already the 22nd! GRRREEAT.
Sorry people, but I mean, posada christmas party cleaning, after a fun time–dancing and everything, takes a while hoho.

Oh! The posada! It was fun, definitely not quite the large quantity of people we were expecting, but what can you say… VIVA MEXICO! heheheh Now we have tons of posole and ponche (a warm drink. Fruit tea would probably be the best way to describe it) left over! *smug grin* not that I’m COMPLAINING or anything though…

(Days go by and you see me with a huge stomach and an empty plate of posole on my lap. hohoho)

AHEM. Enough telling you about my secret secrets! *serious look*

I’ll post a video of one of our dances later on my other blog. Though… I dunno about the first one… GEEESH! I did SO many mistakes….weeeeird. I guess I was distracted with this really cute squirrel that was making eyes at me… :O :O :O  😀 😀 😀

OOOH! Right, and I forgot to tell you about our morning show at the Children’s Hospital! Awwww… the kids were so sweet and all the songs came out like, PERFECT! Pffft, where’s the video camera when you need it?? *rolls eyes*

But yeah, they were all happy and prayed to receive Jesus into their hearts! -big smile- 🙂

I know it’s kind of short, but it IS really late and my eyes are killing me right now… *BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP*

HOKAY!….right. Not literally.

So, have a good night! MUAH.


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