You know, sometimes I can’t get over how smart they are. The ideas that go through their head… wow! (*proud smile* And I taught them everything they know! :P)

Take the other day for example.

We had just come back from a show and my youngest sister was all excited, hoping her “angel” left something for her.  (For all of you who don’t know, the “angel game” is a special Christmas activity. Okay, so people’s names are written down on a small piece of paper and put in a hat, basket, container, whatever. Then each one takes out a paper and whichever name the got, they have to be the “angel” for that person the next few days till Christmas. Doing nice things for them, buying them little treats, etc. The catch to the game though, is that it’s a secret. Your person shouldn’t find out who their angel is. Then on Christmas day (or Eve, I’m not sure when it’s going to be) we will finish the game, giving each other a personalized Christmas Card. Neat huh?)

This is the story, on Sunny’s point of view:

As we were driving back from our show, Annie kept going on and on about how she hoped her angel had gotten something for her. I was thinking about this and suddenly I got the greatest idea! We got back home and I quickly dashed to our room and locked the door, in case anyone would try to get in.
It was brilliant! I had gotten some Takis from the store, and I knew Annie really liked those, and I was going to put them on her bed, as if her angel had given them to her. I just had one problem, how would I get them back without a fight? I mean, she could easily think I was just trying to get them from her and I really had no way to prove they were mine. How…how…?
YES! I had it!
By this time the girls were banging on the door, asking me to open up.
“Coming!” I yelled.

I was almost done.

Opening the door for them, they all went to their beds and room area, to see if they were the lucky ones that night. It wasn’t long before Annie came into the room.

She excitedly climbed up her bunk-bed.
“Don’t laugh, don’t laugh! You’ll just ruin everything.” I thought as I tried to control myself.

A gasp came from the bed, “TAKIS FUEGOOOO!” Annie yelled excitedly.

“Don’t laugh! DON’T LAUGH!”

She turned the bag over, her smile turned upside down. “Ha! You wish!” she read, “AWWW!” she exclaimed and threw the bag at my bed.

I didn’t need to hold it in any longer. I laughed so hard and Annie just fumed.
Now thinking about it, I should have totally filmed that!

-The End.

WHAT did I tell you!? Hehehe, 🙂 Merry Christmas!


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4 Responses to Sisters…

  1. Rosie says:

    OMG your sister is genius, I love it! mwahahaha 😀

  2. bet365 says:

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  3. Susan says:

    You are so wicked! 😛

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