It’s me! Wow! I know… all things considered, this is pretty close to a miracle ha!

OOOh! But there is just SO much to tell!… let’s see, from where should I start… Oh! Yes!

Ohhh it was AWESOME! We got to eat some delicious food, got all dressed up (I don’t know about you guys, but I really enjoy dressing up heeeeh), took some awesome pictures, and had a nice time all together.
The next day was dancing class which was really fun (pffft what am I saying, all of my dancing classes are fun!… except when our teacher almost kills us making us do sets of 40 repetitions of these super hard leg exercises…. OKAY! So leg exercises are not my strong area… But I’m working on it 😉 ) The night of Friday though…UUUUGH!
It was really weird, I got sick with shivers, fever, and stomach problems (yeah, hate those!). But it was all of a sudden, BAAM! Just like that. No forward notice or anything…golly!

The Lord did a miracle though and the next day, even though I did feel a little sick when I went to paint faces at a mall in the morning, in the afternoon (when I had to do my dance presentation) I felt good! TYJ! And the dance went great, people liked it, we all remembered the steps, and nobody fell off the stage! YAY!

The next day however, *yoda voice* sick was I again. Sigh… Not a very good Sunday or Monday, but I had lots of time to pray for other people and spend some really nice time with Jesus, so “all things work together for good” amen?

 First of December! JOY! The Christmas Season has started! I’m pretty excited to see what special thing the Lord is going to do for us this year! 🙂

And lets see, well, the other days I worked on this mag I’m doing, cleaned the house… oh right! This last Friday we went to a prison for young people (sorry the name for it escapes me right now) which has teens from ages 14 to 18. We had a fun time with them; a brother from Mexico City came to give a speech, well no, more give them a talk, about overcoming their fear and not letting their fears freeze them or keep them back. It was really good! Then we played a game with them, related to the class, and served them some REALLY good cake. (Which we didn’t get to have, humph! heheh)
After some time with the boys, we went to the girl section of the prison. It was a really sweet time and we got to talk to them about their daily lives, what their up to, their dreams–just like if we were old friends.
Just as we arrived one of the girls received a message that her 23 year-old brother had just passed away, so we were able to witness and talk to her about the spirit world, heaven, etc. and prayed for her brother, the girl and her family.

Then on Saturday we had two shows. The first one, which was in a children’s hospital, was our very first Christmas show and, all things considered, came out pretty good! (Except the computer for some strange reason froze or something and it made the nativity story narration stop! eeeee! It happened like around 3 times. *rolls eyes*)

Wooot! Now were up to yesterday! Sunday: massive cleaning day! I was also able to help pack some of Lena’s things, CAN YOU BELIEVE THEIR MOVING!?!?! Whaaaaa! (everyone please cry with me.) I really will miss her…sigh… for the time we were together, cheers! Those were good days! I’ll miss doing hand stands with you Lena! I’ll learn how to do a cart-wheel someday, I will. I promise I’ll make you proud heeee.

Today: FLORENCE ARRIVED! Is that awesome, or is that awesome!?!?! Awww I missed her so much and AUNTY SARAH! MAN it was good to have her here, even if just for a day. I miss her Japanese ways hohoho.

But Florence we get to keep for 1 1/2 months! WOOOOOO!

Aaaaand, so far that’s my update. 🙂 I need to go to bed now so ta ta!

Stay tuned people. Muah!


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