Last day of November…


(choose the sound effect of your preference from the above)

DISCLAIMER: I know it’s still officially the 28th today, since it’s 9:00 pm, BUT! For some of my friends and blog viewers it’s already the 29th on the other side of the world (yeah I know creepy right?) aaaand the day is basically done since most will probably go to bed in one or two hours more. (HA! Didn’t see that one coming!)

Unless you’re a night owl.
In that case, JUST PRETEND OKAY!?!? *serious correction face*


WHOOO! Like major things are happening maaaan! Today was pretty awesome. I woke up at 11 (A.M. OKAY?… gosh…) ate what was left of my oatmeal from yesterday’s breakfast, worked on some stuff in the computer, took a shower, came back to work on some more things in the computer, checked my email, worked on more stuff on the computer, went outside, was on the swing for a while then switched to the hammock, walked back to the house, and worked on the computer some more. (OKAY! So I’ve said computer a lot…) While I was working on the com… my laptop, the girls plugged in the video camera to our television to see the dance presentation I had on Saturday.
After a while my sister had the brilliant idea of putting the camera on video mode. MAAAN! It looked so awesome on the TV!
Then… she started videoing and what followed where the coolest video’s in the history of the planet! Yeah, sorry to make you guys jealous. MUAHAHAHA!


Around late afternoon my sisters started to get… stwaaaayyynggg…. I have savages for sisters! GAAASP! 😛 So I videoed them having bed-wresteling (yes, someday I shall present that sport to humanity and become rich and famous.) Riiiight. Okay.
And then we tried to film Sunny’s face, which let me tell you, is one of the HARDEST things to do! GEEEESH! (later on she got her hands on the camera and deleted this super awesome video where she and Annie were singing “Feliz Navidad” on the bed…GRRRR!)

Yeah, it was a fun time with lots of laughs.

Okay, and I also know you guys are wondering, “WHAT ON EARTH HAPPENED TO YOU!!”
*squeaky voice* spare my life! I have a reason!… I always do. heheh

No, seriously this time. I was super sick.
It was a miracle I was able to do my dance! Because even the next day I was feeling pretty bad. Today though, I’m feeling A LOT better TYJ! Just this annoying and persistent cough is still going on. Cho, pray for me porfiiiis!

Aaaand also not being allowed to be on the computer for a day, before I got sick, sorta makes me unable to post too.

Oooh! But you should be proud of me! Yesterday even though I wasn’t feeling all that great I helped clean my parent’s and sisters closet area. Awww I’m such a shiner! heeee

HOOKAY! Guys, pay no attention to me right now, I’m not exactly myself.


I’m going to sleep in my room today! YAAAAY! *does my happy dance*

Well, to finish this post, I just want to tell you that I might not be able to post as much, Christmas coming and all that implies, but do visit! You never know when I might post!

Oh! Also I opened this handcrafts/activity blog, so if you have time and feel in the Christmas spirit, check it out! 😉

GOOD NEWS! My little yellow friend FROOONCHAAA is coming to stay with us for two months! AWESOME!

Now, with those good news I shall end this post.

See ya!




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5 Responses to Last day of November…

  1. Flo says:

    Hmmm i pick OMG! wow, seems like an awesome day =)
    yes i cant wait to visit!! hehe

  2. Misty says:

    okaay so i know its kinda late to poast a comment but WHERE ARE THE VIDEOS?!?!?! wasnt that the whole point of filming them???? gosh!
    okay breath its okay! 😛 nah its cool…. 😀

  3. О! Simple y dulce. Estoy pensando en empezar otro blog o cinco muy pronto, y definitivamente voy a considerar este tema. Mantenga ’em coming!

  4. Muy buen puesto. Me tropecé con su blog y quería decir que he disfrutado mucho navegando por tu blog. En cualquier caso, voy a ser la suscripción a tu feed, y espero que escribir de nuevo pronto!

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