I miss my bed.

No! Seriously! I really, really do! Actually, I miss my WHOLE room!
Okay, so before I get you even more confused, I’ll explain. Ahem!

These past weeks… oh! WAIT! No, it’s been more like… a month or more! YIKES! I have had to sleep in my sister’s room in the main house because I can’t sleep by myself in the bungalow psssh! (which is where my room is) So yeah. I really do miss my nice and cozy room where I can just jump on to my bed instead of rolling it out from under my sister’s bed. (Yeah, I’m sleeping on one of those. GROOOOVY….not really.)

But it’s okay. I’m not complaining because at least I have a place to sleep in! I mean, I just start thinking of all those poor people all over the world who sometimes don’t even have more than a few newspapers for a bed, and WHOAH! Suddenly, my bed looks like those comfy king-sized beds sort of like the one in Princess Diaries 2 (MAAAN! Her BED! Whoosh! To sleep for! hohoho) and the crowded room suddenly feels like a royal chamber. (okay, so I’m exaggerating, but hey! I bet it would look like that to a person sleeping on newspapers!)

Even though I DO miss the comforts of having my own personal room and bed, I am thankful that at least I HAVE a bed and room to sleep in.

So yes. Be thankful for what you have 😉


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