Hey people!

Yeah, I know you haven’t heard about me in ages, but ya estoy de vuelta!!! Aha!
(Maaan! Don’t ya just love spanglish?) 😀 😀 😀 😀

People, you should be proud of me. I have been doing 21 pages of Geometry each day for these past few days (*doink?* ahahah) aaaaand I got a 97 on my exam! weeeeee!

Oh! Oh! Oh! Also, my dancing school is going to present a dance at this Kermes (fundraiser) I think is going to be hosted by some orphanage or something like that.

SO! Pretty exciting! The teacher is making us work double though, so we can learn the song super well by Nov. 26, which is when the presentation is going to be. And guess what? Smart me decided to go with my hair loose yesterday… NOT a good idea. I was sweating tons, my forehead was all clammy and my hair stuck to my face and neck…ewww….

OKAY! So I have these moments were my head doesn’t work 100% of it’s ability at times.

Like the time I filled up the washing and rinsing basins with water from an outside tank because I didn’t want to wait for the tap water to fill them up.
…nooot good idea coming to think about it….

And I did get a talk about that too. Eeee!

Oh yes. And I didn’t finish telling you about Cervantino!

Since I already told you about the first night, I’ll tell you from the first day and on.

Dia Uno:
Woke up at 9 to the beautiful voices of angels. I couldn’t believe it though! It was STILL COLD! Arrrghh! But the sunny faces of my dear Steph, Sandy and Victoria made up for that.

Breakfast was at 9:30 (or was it ten? I can’t remember) and MAN! Was it good! The only problem is that the week following Cervantino I was constantly hungry because the breakfasts and dinners were SO BIG! And… I also woke up at 1 o’clock at night, my stomach rumbling… sigh…
Reason for that: “dinner” was around 1:20-1:30 A.M.

After some super inspiring devotions I looked around for people who would participate in the Prophecy Tent. Let me tell you, the property was EXTENSIVE, so finding everybody was quite a feat and turned out to be my work out for the morning. hahaha

Later on, Steph, Sandy and I went to the dinning room to start making “Free Hugs” signs and the sign that would go in front of the tent saying, “La Carpa Del Destino” (destiny tent) which by the way, got LOST! RWAAAR! All my hard work… pffft. But TYL I was able to get a new one up and running once we were at our spot in the city.

After some group pictures, we set off to Guanajuato! The trip went smoothly, we were able to find a parking spot quick and the place where we would be without a problem.
We were going to be in a certain spot at first, but because of some situations we had to move to another plaza, which in the end turned out to be an even better spot than the first one! It was bigger, had more flow of people (who weren’t just gangsta’ rocker-stoned type) and we were saved from a fight that occurred in the other plaza! Thank you Lord!

After a good lunch at a restaurant, I went out free hugging for like an hour with my team, witnessing and winning souls. It was super fun!
Once that was over, we quickly had to back to our main spot so I could get all the things arranged for the prophecy tent (which was a huge success! PTL!)

And… To be continued 🙂



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3 Responses to Hey people!

  1. Misty says:

    uhum. once in a while?? dont u mean like MOST of the time?? 😛
    thats cool. 🙂

  2. Alice J. says:

    woooo sigh that is right! you did organize the whole prophecy tent on your own! wow GBY! I must say inside was like this whole HGS (holy-ghost-sample)… you coul really feel the spirit once you were in there and so many lives were touched!! tell usmoooreee ;;)

  3. Susan says:

    Eeee, I’m awful at geometry. Congrats on your great score! Cervantino sounds wonderful! P.S: What does ‘estoy de vuelta’ mean? 😀

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