Oh… great…

hahaha oh gosh… can you believe it? I was all excited, and ready to post about Cervantino… and I realize I’M IN MY LAPTOP!!!….grrrrr….

Oh. Right. You probably have no idea why I’m like this… Allow me to explain hoho

I don’t have the cervantino pictures in my computer.

Yep. Oh man!

BUT! I’ll still write about it! AHA! 😉 You’ll see all the awesome pictures later. Yeah?

Woke up, looked at my to-do list, got out of bed and made myself some breakfast.
After some devotions and getting together the last few things that would go inside my suitcase I took a yummy shower! (the last hot one I would have for the next three days EEEEE!) Once that was over I quickly ran around my room like a chicken with its head cut off, getting the last few items packed before my dad knocked on my door and hurried me out of the house.
I looked at my watch, it was 11:23. WAAAAAH! The bus was suposta leave at 12:15!!!! And let me tell you, at this time traffic is CRAZY!

Once we finished praying for the trip, off we went.
I would be looking at the clock inside the car every 30 thirty seconds, praying for there to be enough time for us to get to the bus station.

11:48 WE MADE IT! OMG! We made it!
I couldn’t believe it! I was almost hopping up and down for joy!
My dad helped us carry our 1,000,000 suitcases into the bus station where he waited till my mom got the tickets.

Then, came the WORST most HORRIBLE and FRIGHTENING news.

We were in the wrong bus station.


As quick as lighting (yeah, we should be super heros with all our awesome powers and stuff) we packed everything back into the car and went off toward the correct station.

I looked at the clock and started panicking, “11:54…ooooh my Lord…ooooh my gosh!…” but then, I remembered my awesome friend who is really good at working miracles in situations like these. “Oh Jesus!” I prayed, “PLEAAAASE! Help us catch the bus! Even… stall it if it’s necessary. Please, stop the bus till we get there. Please, please, please! I know you can do it Lord!”

And… he did! (isn’t he just amazing?)
We got at the bus station at exactly 12:08. My mom ran in to get the tickets and my dad and I got our suitcases, sleeping bags and bags and into the station we went.
As I put the things down for a while near a pillar a little laugh escaped my lips. WE MADE IT!…wow…

We said our goodbyes to dad and, after four years, I stepped on once more into a bus. WHOAH! It even SMELLED the same…

Again, once my mom and I sat down we just looked at each other and laughed.
“WE MADE IT! Oh my GOD! I can’t believe it!” I squeaked.

My mom just laughed, “I know!”

“What a rush!” I exclaim as I lean back on my chair and sigh while chuckling. I felt all tingly and giggly inside… I do hope none of the other passengers thought a wakoo just entered the bus…

One thing that I will say was pretty outstanding about this bus were the MOVIES! GEEE! Like, one after the other–nonstop! The first movie was good, I really like that one (Ghosts of Girlfiend’s past) but the others…ehhh… not so good.

One bad thing about me is that when there is a movie, NO MATTER how lame, boring or whatever, I simply CANNOT go to sleep. Trust me, I tried, with all my might. I even tried putting on earphones… but I… just…can’t!

OOOH! But guess what? Ohhh goodie! When we stopped in Mexico City they gave us these super yummy sandwiches, soda and chips! … I didn’t eat the chips or drink the soda (because honestly, I’m not exactly fond of that sort of food… I’M SERIOUS! Unless they’re like good chips, I don’t like them! And soda… well… I prefer juice or water)

Ahem. Now back to my story.

How about we fast forward till 8:00 p.m. that night? Yeah?


WE DID IT! The trip was finally over.
Some really sweet guys came to pick us up and take us to the campground where lots of more people were waiting. To be honest, I was really excited…and nervious! BUT WHOO! I was ganna see my amigos!

After saying hello to my uncle, some friends and new people I went down the steps into the big dinning-room-palapa-sorta-place to put my suitcases down so we could eat. (OOOH! And shall I mention to make all of you who didn’t go jealous, the food was DELICIOUS! YEAH! BE JEALOUS! MUAHAHAHA!) 😛

“Oh! Awesome! There is Ale and Alyx. I’ll say hi to them as soon as I put these down.”

While I was thinking this, and extreeemely concentrating on putting the suitcases down, some hands come up and squeeze my stomach from behind.


I turned around and screamed.

For one, AHEM! It was a mixed reaction okay? Like who does that to scare people…gosh! But also I simply COULD NOT believe my eyes!

I quickly hugged her laughing and saying “OMG!” and “NO PUEDO CREERLO!” over and over again while she tried to shushed me (people always shush me…pfft!)

You see, a few months back she had told me on the phone that her family and she were definitely not going to be able to go to Cervantino because of the dinero issue. And then, like 3 weeks later her bro told me that they MIGHT be able to make it… but that he wasn’t sure. For my practically technical mind (yeah right!) that was a definite NO.

But there she was! Standing right in front of me!…in my arms actually.

A few seconds later, here came Sandy and Steph!

“We heard screaming,” Steph said, “and I told Sandy, oh hey! That sounds like Windy arrived!”

We laughed and the screaming and hugs started again. This time a little quieter. 😀

I served myself some food, and after a thousand interruptions to say hello to some famous people (yes, I’m so loved :P) I finally was able to finish my food.

Oh it was great! Like, all of my friends were there! WEEEE! Just missing one… MARIA! *pout* whyyyyy!????

We finished dinner and the girls helped me carry our 1,000,000 suitcases, bags, and whatnot to the campsite area where we would be setting up our tent. (which we then offered to Steph’s dad because their tent was HUGE with enough room for all of us girls! AHA!) After showing off my super awesome tent-building skills (riiiiiight….) we put our stuff inside the officially dubbed “girl’s tent” and after talking for a few minutes went to the “disco” area to enjoy a few songs and see a skit some people from Mexico City and Cuernavaca had prepared for the event.

Wow! The skit was just amazing! I really did love it! And the songs! WHOOO! Buen trabajo Victoria!


manies! I have to go now people *LLORAR!*

I’ll post the rest later, okay? Lovers you!


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4 Responses to Oh… great…

  1. Flo says:

    I am crying booohooo. :P, Haha you didnt know Victoria was going? geesh were have you been? 😛

  2. Misty says:

    haha cool.

  3. Susan says:

    Sounds exciting!! Can’t wait to see pics!

  4. Alice J. says:

    Ooohh -squeals- Tell us mooree!!! :D:D:D ;;)

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