…Not exactly the best moment of my life…

But it will make an interesting post… at least I think it will.

Today I went face painting in the Wal-Mart, it was pretty fun and everything went smoothly except…

I’d just finished painting a kid, ready to relax and all of a sudden this guy comes up to me.
“Hey! Can I offer you a lollypop?”

“OY!” I thought as he almost poked my eye with it.

“What the…” I think

“Errr… okay, thaaanks…” I gingerly take it from him.

“So, what’s your name?” he asked.

“UH OH!” I think. I’m pretty sure I know where this is going. I turn to face him. Messy hair, big jacket, UGLY pants… okay, not presentable and not really handsome… basically the only nice thing about him are his grey-green eyes.
This is NOT good!

“Err, umm…” I thought about giving him another random name, but my mom was right there and I didn’t know what would be her reaction if I told him Anastaisia or something…
“Windy…” I finally answer.

“Oh, Windy,” (I’m surprised he actually got it right the FIRST TIME) “Nice to meet you I’m …” (Sorry, I forgot his name)

I put on a plastic smile “Nice to meet you.”

We shake hands.

“So, you live around here?”

Oh boy. “Yeah, in the city.”

He grinned, “Oh awesome, I live….” (forgot sorry!)

“Oh, is that near the High School?” Okay, so I just made that up, I had no idea where he told me he lived was, but I just wanted to mention HIGH SCHOOL… so I could tell him I’m in HIGH SCHOOL… you’ll se why later.

The conversation goes on a little awkwardly and finally he asks, “So, can I invite you out to eat… coffee or something?”

I froze in my chair.

Wait for it… wait for it.

The guy’s like around 29 or 30! YEP! OH BOY!

Gah! I searched around my surprised, empty head for some sort of avoiding answer. I was so shocked he would actually ASK ME OUT I couldn’t think of a REALLY good excuse….

So it went something like this, “Oh sorry I’m really busy…”

“Oh, I don’t mean now…”

YEAH I KNOW that you…you! “Yeah, but I’m going to be pretty busy this week, studying and all.” I cut him off

He beams, finding another conversation starter. “Oh really, what are you studying?”

“I’m in my second year of Prepa.” (high school, 11th grade) *smug grin*

Suddenly he gets VERY nervous. “Oh… you’re… young…”

Now it was my turn to beam. FINALLY he would leave me alone!
“That’s right!”

“Well, you don’t have school this monday and Tuesday, it’s a holiday.” He pressed on.

Oh crap.
Didn’t remember that. BUT WHAT WAS HE STILL DOING ASKING ME OUT!?!? Oy!

“Yeah, but I’m going to see some friends, and they gave me a LOT of homework.” I really highlighted lot.

“Oh okay. Have you been here before?” He asks, referring to the Wal-Mart.

“Um, this is the second week.”

“Well, think about it. Do you have some sort of phone where I could call you?”

Okay, I CANNOT believe this is happening to me…

“Err… yeeah… sort of.” I hand him a tract.

“So I can contact you here?” he asks after scanning the front part, the middle and finally finding the number in the back page.
Okay, so obviously not smart either.

“…yeah… it’s my mom’s phone.” I point toward my mom who is sitting down next to me.

His eyes and mouth open wide and turn into big “o”s, “OH! That’s your mom?!?”

“That’s right.” I say with another smug grin. (Okay, so I’m not usually this mean to people, but this guy was really getting on my NERVES. I actually enjoyed him being uncomfortable…strange I know)

“Nice to meet you.” he says louder toward my mom.

She sorta smiles and goes back to painting a kid.

Good! She doesn’t like him either.

“So… this is the only phone you have?” he asked nervously.

I grin again, “Yep! I don’t have a cellphone.” THANK THE LORD for that… this once.

“Ohh…kay… Well, think about it. See you later, it was nice to meet you.”

I shake his hand without enthusiasm, “Yeah… goodbye.”


I turn around to face my mom. “That was… awkward…” “And freakishly creepy” I add in my head.

“Yeah… Lord help him to leave soon.” she prayed. (he was still hanging around nearby “looking” at the material) He did leave like LEAVE after like a minute, thank the lord!

“Oysh! And what was he? Like THIRTY!?!?”

“Yeah, around that.” my mom answers.


“AWW MAN!” I think exasperated, “WHY didn’t I just think of the “I already have a boyfriend” excuse???”

Yep. Would’ve probably left a LOT sooner…



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15 Responses to …Not exactly the best moment of my life…

  1. Chris says:

    my oh my goodness! If it help older woman here can be much the same 😀

  2. Flo says:

    So cold windy! JK! Lol, can we go to eat….coffee? how are u supposed to eat coffee?!?!?! XD. feel so sorry for you, at least you handled the situation well :D.
    Yeah you should have said, are you asking me out because i already have a boyfriend. Hahaha!

    • 2wildwindyheart says:

      Oh oops! haha it was supposed to be “would you like to go eat, get a coffee or something?”
      But OY! yeah… DEFINITELY should’ve thought of that

  3. Alice J. says:

    giggles… i know the situation… 😛 last week i had this police officer ask me out! :O he was like 30 or sumthing… I had the same response omg! no i’m kinda busy 😛 and he was like oh, ok… hawkwaarrdd!!

  4. Stephanie says:

    Hahha oh god! Ugh I hate those evil ppl 😛 Oh Windy you know what…not exactly the best idea for me to read your blog at this time of night :D! my mom sleeping and all, there was a huge ring of sudden laughter when in your story I read Anastasia 😀
    These girls here (that are from Costa Rica) say “Beware of the mexicans!” They’re super galanes..and it’s freaky.
    Hahha hey and now I’m imagining old ladies running after Chris 🙂
    Be careful honey, you’re beautiful inside out! Good you have bodyguards! You too, eh Esther? :-*

  5. chriscedar says:

    Ladies…I’d rather be chased by all of you than some of these older woman (although I would probably survive them and not you 😛
    Anyways I agree with Stef you (Windy, yes YOU) and Alice (uh-huh! :D) need to be care-fee (as Gus Gus says) because you’re both gorgeous!
    ok going…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Finally a story worth commenting about 😛

  7. Misty says:

    What?!?! i didnt know about that! why didnt u tell me!! id gone right up there and said… well… id say something… id know what to say to him once i got there… 😀
    omg! i cant belive mom didnt say anything! like ”get out of here u creepo!! tahts my daughter there!” or… something… u know?
    haha yeah… the anastasia one was good! hi5! :p

  8. Susan says:

    “Nice to meet you I’m …” (Sorry, I forgot his name)
    He grinned, “Oh awesome, I live….” (forgot sorry!)
    Those made me crack up!! Not a very memorable guy, huh? Ah bless you, Windy. 😛 I’ve also been glad before that I don’t have a cellphone. 😀

  9. theoriginaloreo says:

    Oy! Lol, I used the I already have a boyfriend excuse…there was this guy, didn’t like him too much and he was kinda pushy (physically), but I didn’t want to be rude and at least give him a chance–I’d take that chance back! 🙂
    Then I hit ’em with the boyfriend excuse, brrrrrr-ah! Ta-ta-ta-ta

    Lol this is TOO HILARIOUS! Encore encore, do u have more of these.
    -Pisces Mentalist (Feb 24)

    • Windy says:

      Hahaha yes! Not the smartest moment of my life! Should’ve totally used that excuse! Works EVERY time! ahahah
      Later on, I will be able to use, “Oh, I’m engaged” talk about a weirdo repellant! lol
      Thanks so much for commenting on my blog! I’m glad you enjoyed this post. Heh, and yeah, I probably have several more I’m going to check and see which ones I enjoyed writing the most and send them to you.
      … Hopefully… I don’t… forget…

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