Skype Status


     I sighed and scratched my head as I scanned through a small article I had written for a Youth Group website. It had been a long day and nothing had really seemed to turn out right or the way I would have preferred. Yet at last, here was something I had been able to accomplish and finish—just the way I wanted; it was ready to post. With a smile tempting to form on my lips I directed the laptop mouse to the “post” button on the screen; not realizing that my perfect little moment was about to come crashing down.
It all took just one second.
I got distracted with a sudden noise in the room and my hand followed my head, accidentally clicking the “back” arrow on the screen. My eyes bulged and my hand froze in shock as I realized what I had done.

“No! NO!” I yelled to myself inside my head.

I frantically clicked the “return” arrow, hoping that all my hard work hadn’t been lost. It did return to the page I had been writing in, but the box where a hundred words should be was staring back at me, empty white. My article…was gone.
I freaked out; this had been the last straw.

“This can’t be happening!” I yelled, and silly as it seems to me now I slapped the laptop and felt ready to throw it across the room.

My mom and dad’s heads jerked up and quickly looked at me, distracted from what they were doing.

“What happened?” my mom asked concerned.

“It’s gone!” I squeaked, “Everything I just wrote! Gone! I might as well have just wasted these last 30 minutes!”

My dad’s hands twitched toward the laptop as he told me to calm down; I think he was a little scared of what I would do next to his computer.
 “Look, don’t worry so much about it! Just think, now you’ll be able to do it even better than it was before!” he smiled encouragingly.

“BETTER THAN BEFORE?” I almost roared, “It was perfect already!”

My parents looked at each other exasperated and shrugged. They realized that right now I was not in the mood to accept any council.

“I don’t feel like writing anymore.” I mumbled, “Forget it. That was that. I’m not even going to try to write it again.”

I sighed again, this time in anger. I fiercely closed the internet page and tried to distract myself by checking my emails. To my surprise, my younger sister signed in on Skype. Without thinking I clicked on her profile and what I read in her status made my blood drain from my face.

“When life throws lemons at you, don’t worry about it! That just means now you can make some delicious lemonade!”

   Simple—maybe even very close to childish in a way, but it had hit the bull’s eye. Reading that was like taking a breath of fresh air. My mind suddenly cleared and my perspective was totally different that how it had been just a few seconds ago.
I smiled and sent a prayer of thanks to Heaven.

      I think we should all stop to ponder on that simple but extremely applicable-to-daily-life phrase. So many of us have heard it probably close to one hundred times, but if we look closer to the meaning of it, we might have just found the solution to the problems life throws at us.
      As God’s children we know that “…all things work together for good to them that love God…” (Romans 8:28.) No matter what the situation is, we can always be assured that He will be there to pick us back up when we fall and put together those messy puzzle pieces of everyday life, making each situation a learning experience. If we always attempt to look at the good in each situation, or at least, consider that it isn’t as bad as it sometimes could be, we can welcome every tough lemon that comes knocking on our door and turn those bitter situations into something sweet and enjoyable.
      Looking back I wonder if my sister even knew the impact those few words had on the rest of my afternoon. No longer was I stressed, fretting or in a bad mood; all because the Lord cared enough to send me a personal message through my sister’s Skype status.

Needless to say, I continued on with my article — and yes, it came out  better than it had before


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5 Responses to Skype Status

  1. Misty says:

    hehe… well i agree u never know what will happen… but i put that like ages ago! whats wrong with ur lap? 😀

  2. Stephanie says:

    Sweet Windy this was perfect! Thank you! You see I was really missing everyone from Cervantino (including you sweetheart, very much :-*) and I had missed an outing with the girls (Estie and Sandy) cause of homework and what I felt was lost time searching for I was letting my thoughts “twirl downwards” and yeah being done with the homework for tomorrow, I took a look here just to find that Jesus had a message in this as well..He also gave me a song in my heart..I’m sooo thankful to have youuu, to have Him, to have a great family! :-*

  3. Susan says:

    Great and inspiring post Windy! Thanks! 🙂

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