Yep. MUCHAS cosas.

You’ve really missed out on a LOT that’s been happening lately. (Mostly because I haven’t been posting as much as I should have…) Gulp!

But as I said before, I have a very good excuse. MUA HA!: I haven’t had time. Ta daaaa! What do you think of my excuse? perfectly reasonable no? heeeeh

Well, first of all let’s rewind back five days ago.

13th of October, 2010
MARIA AND SANDY’S BIRTHDAAAAY! Tooot! (Oh, I wrote about them in our family blog because it seriously needed updating…) So find out all about it! Paseeleee paseeeleeeee! (Like the taco-stand people yell. Yeah, I’m cool like that.)

Next is: October 14th, 2010.
Yikes, I’m tellin’ ya’, when your second-youngest sister turns thirteen… you sort of start to feel OLD. GEEESH! *Blush* Ahem. No, I haven’t exactly posted about her yet, but I will! I promise! It will be on our sister blog because THAT seriously needs updating as well…
Her birthday… that was… intense.

I woke up to someone nudging my shoulder and whispering loudly, “WINDY! WINDY!”
WAAAAAAAA YAAA! My ninja reflexes came into action and I karate kicked my sister across the room before I realized what I was doing…
HA! Yeah…I wish… nope, actually my reaction was a lot less dramatically-interesting-to-read. I basically opened my eyes groggily and said, “WHAAAAT???”

“Windy, it’s Misty’s birthday.” Annie whispered.

Yeah! I knew that! Not exactly news-flash… What was she waking me up for!? GOSH!

“Let’s get up before she does so we can sing her happy birthday.”


I pulled myself out of my comfy spot in the bed and looked around the room with Chinese eyes. For some reason my sleepy mind didn’t quite understand why my two sisters went out of the room.

“Huh?” A place in the back of my mind wondered. But I was too sleepy to realize what was happening.
    Suddenly came the unexpectedly-catastrophic.
The alarm of Misty’s watch started ringing; she rolled over and stretched in her bed.

“Yaaaaah!” I yelled to myself as I quickly ducked behind the bed. “Oh, darn! Where are you girls when I need you!?!?!” I screamed at them in my head, fully awake now.
Just then my sisters entered into the room. Oh. Whew! Lifesaver! They glanced at me and saw my panic-stricken face, looked over at Misty’s bed and saw why.
I immediately sat up. “Happy birthday to youuuu…” we started singing.

“Oh, no!” Misty exclaimed sleepily and embarrassed. We all laughed.
Once that was over we got dressed and ready for the day… and “Las Mañanitas” for Misty again, this time all from all of our family.

After lunch we set out to do her cake! We’ve been receiving loads of strawberries from Costco (*heavenly music*) and she agreed to having a strawberry cake! NICE! Thank the Lord; they all came out very nice. Next was the wait for my parents to arrive with the frosting. Turns out, they arrived late and what they brought was not “crema chantillin” (similar to frosting) but margarine!!! NOOOOO! Well, we experimented some and after some sugar, vanilla, strawberry juice, and egg white it came out pretty good!
Here’s a picture of our creation. Heh.

Bruni was so funny! She’s like, “Oh! Misty! It’s your birthday! You’re not supposed to be doing your cake!” Then she would walk off.
A few moments later…
“Hahaha! I can’t believe it! Misty, it’s supposed to be your birthday; you shouldn’t be doing all these things!”


Misty, helping decorate.





Picture with mum and dad.

No makeup! EEEEE!


Cutting the cake!

A picture I took while I was walking. I think it looks so awesome, no? 😀

Friday 15th, 2010

It was awesome! Everything happened just right at the last-minute, confirmation, ride, etc. So it added to the rush of excitement. Heee heee People were really sweet and had really good reactions. One big plus is I got to meet the awesomely/incredible White family. I’m sure going to miss you guys! I had a great time free hugging with you Chloe, Beth and Tirsa!
Here are some pictures of the event.

Group shot!

There were SO many girls! Hardly any boys from our missionary group.

These awesome, wild teenagers all prayed to receive Jesus with me! Thank the Lord!

Hehe, this guys were so funny! They had a little sign that said “We need free hugs and kisses.” with a little sad face on the side. An aunty saw them and quickly called us over, their problem was quickly solved! Haha. They also prayed to receive Jesus in their hearts!

Some wild girls I’m going to miss 😦

More awesome people!

Free hugs!

Gypsy dancing with the crowd! They loved it!

More abrazos!


After a long and fruitful day it was PARTY TIME! It was so much fun. Oh! And I had a great surprise. I was dancing away when I turned around and lo and behold, who else but Steve Fuller arrived! (I knew he was going to arrive at the house of my uncle, but I didn’t know when.)
I’m like, “OMG! STEEEVE!” and he made this big “o” with his mouth and said, “WINDY!!!” before a big bear hug. Hehe it was awesome.

Ohhh! No! I just realized, I didn’t take a picture with Steve! Oh well, good memories is what counts yeah?

Saturday, October 16th of 2010

We got to go to the Zocalo, walk, look at an impressive cathedral, buy yummy food and I got an awesome shirt!
We were bushed in the end, but it was so worth it 😉

And last but not least yesterday, Sunday 17th which was fundraising day…so not really a lot to tell except that it went reasonably good, thank the Lord!

Now, for today.
I did 26 pages in Science!! Yaaaay! Learning all about mitosis, meiosis, asexual and sexual reproduction in plants and animals and all those fun chromosome, and gene experiments heheheh

My card is coming along, everything is colored in; now I’m just missing the background, so pray I do it good…and get ideas…

Dancing class went good! We’re learning this new groovy dance with awesome steps I’ll have to teach you all someday.

And whoah! It’s bedtime! I’ll post pictures of the party and Zocalo/church/etc. later!



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6 Responses to Cosas…

  1. chriscedar says:

    LOL Windy I know those girls…they live here 😀 by here I mean in the country…albeit up in another city…
    Looks like a lot of fun I’m so happy for you!!! 🙂 🙂

    PS MY GOODNESS you let your sister help with the cake???!!!! hahahah well every day is new…

  2. Flo says:

    l0ts of things to post about eh? 😀 cool post ahaha for the 8th picture, you will survive without makeup 😀 heyy cool pic with sunny! *like*! hehe, i like this post, its looonngggggggggg……….err :S hehe….26 pages in Science huh? cool, are you still doing CLE?

  3. Misty says:

    WIINDDDYY! u werent sopposed to say the secret recepie for the frosting! gosh! oh well… yup it was really fun and eew i look disgusting in all of my bday pics 😦
    oh yes i will miss the white fam too!! :*

  4. Susan says:

    Maaaaaan, I’ve always wanted to go free hugging!! Bring me along next time! 😛

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